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The best places for digital nomads in Stockholm

The best places for digital nomads in Stockholm

Finding free WIFI in Stockholm is certainly not a hard task. This is the Capital of Scandinavia, for Christ’s sake! So finding a good place to work from in Sweden’s main city is not about the connectivity. It’s more about sitting down in a pleasant and inspiring spot. Below, BackpackMe breaks down the best places for digital nomads in Stockholm.

I experienced Stockholm as a digital nomad during July and August. During the summer months, the city is not as active as throughout the rest of the year. People around here seem to take holiday time very seriously! A sunny day is enough to see the number of people who would normally show up at a given co-working space suddenly decline. It makes sense! There is plenty of time to be productive during the long, cold winter that invites you to stay indoors.

If you are a remote worker looking for good spots to get work done in Stockholm, these suggestions are for you!

Co-working Spaces in Stockholm

A quick Google search will show you that there is a large number of co-working spaces in Sweden’s capital city. In fact, Stockholm is often referred to as “the start-up capital of Europe”. Apparently, Stockholm comes second right after Silicon Valley regarding the number of people involved in the tech business. I guess that explains the number of sports and luxury cars roaming around the city. And, of course, it also justifies the existence of plenty of co-working offices and incubators in Stockholm.

There are indeed many co-working spaces in Stockholm, and some are even industry specific. I have read about spaces entirely dedicated to musicians or healthcare professionals. But most of the other spaces for all kinds of professionals, aren’t always open to digital nomads passing by, instead requiring a minimum commitment of one or more months.

These are the best co-working spaces in Stockholm, that offer daily passes with no strings attached:


Impact Hub

Working at Impact Hub StockholmJust like the other Impact Hub joints across the world, this space is mainly dedicated to social entrepreneurs. Still, the team did mention that everyone is welcome, independently of the nature of their work. Even though most people are local professionals, Impact Hub Stockholm does get a fair share of digital nomad visitors.

Impact Hub offices in Stockholm are very central and easy to get to. The open space houses a variety of seating possibilities. The options range from high desks where people work standing up or with high rise adjustable chairs (some with arm rests, some without) to lower tables with couches and even loungers for those who like to stretch their legs while working. Personally, I find lower desks with adjustable office chairs a more comfortable option than the higher tables.

There are also several phone booths for extra privacy during calls. And if you’d rather work in a quieter environment, there is a silent area separate from the main open space. There’s also a small outdoor balcony, where you could soak up some sun on those days Stockholm allows you to do so, or simply take a break for a cup of coffee or a smoke.

The lighting is adequate, with ceiling lights being reinforced by individual flex lights on each desk. Access to plug points is no issue at all, as there are plenty near each seat.

The atmosphere is relaxed. There is a little background music and you can feel there are good vibes among residents. The kitchen is part of the open space, with a small divider in between. The rate includes fresh fruit, tea and coffee, made in the most professional coffee station I have come across in a co-working space. The bathroom facilities are also appropriate and clean, and include a shower.

The internet is speedy. The atmosphere is good. And you may try the space for one day without having to pay the fee, as long as you get in touch via their website in advance. I’d say: go and judge for yourself!

Speed test at Impact Hub Stockholm

The Castle

The Castle co-working space in Stockholm

The Castle co-working space in Stockholm

The team who runs The Castle in Stockholm seems to have a thing for quirky spaces. Before they took over this multi-floor space in historical Gamla Stan, they used to run a co-working space inside an old Church.

Being in Gamla Stan, in front of the Royal Palace, means that you get to see the Royal forces marching right outside the window while you work. But the high-end atmosphere isn’t just limited to the outside world. The Castle’s building has stunning architecture and has been decorated in a functional yet cheerful looking way.

The Castle currently hosts around 240 people, working in different industries. Among small companies and freelancers, digital nomads are also welcome to join. Day visits aren’t the most encouraged, but weekly ones are. Even though this is not made clear on their website, you can simply drop an email mentioning you’d like to visit and work from The Castle for a little while. The team is welcoming and eager to have new people in the house, so there are always new opportunities to meet people and exchange experiences.

The seating at The Castle is great. The lower desks are equipped with individual lights, several plug points and an adjustable chair (no arm rest, though) that will ensure everyone gets to sit as they prefer. Other than the working desks, there are different spaces with couches, a royal looking meeting room and a space with musical instruments for people to chill out and jam.

The natural light is plentiful (keep in mind I visited during the Summer, of course) and it’s reinforced with chandeliers that even Marie Antoinette would be delighted with!

If you want to meet people while you’re working at The Castle Stockholm, head to the kitchen and sit down at one of the communal tables with your meal. This space is colorful, and ideal to meet your royal coworkers in an informal setting.

Speed test at The Castle Coworking in Stockholm


Coworking Cafes in Stockholm

Stockholm has a few hybrids that could be classified as a mix between co-working spaces and cafes. While they are not exactly co-working spaces in the sense that you don’t pay an admission to the space, they are also not regular coffee shops. These are laptop friendly cafes, set up with freelancers and digital nomads in mind. Think: different types of seating, easy access to plug points, etc. You are welcome to sit down, order a cup of coffee or a bite to eat like in any other regular cafe but, instead of just lounging around, also get some work done.

These co-working cafes may also be good spots to get to know local people and other remote workers, avoiding the fees of a regular co-working space pass.


Café & Co

Cafe & Co in Stockholm: half co-working space, half cafe

Cafe & Co in Stockholm: half co-working space, half cafe

I found Café & Co to be one of the best options for those who’d like to work in an informal atmosphere while in Stockholm. And this is because this space includes both paid and non paid options. And, unlike other co-working spaces, it’s also open on Saturdays!

Café & Co is divided between a small co-working space, and a regular looking cafe, which is dedicated to digital nomads and those who work with their laptops. So what exactly is the difference between the cafe and the paid co-working space? They both share the same internet connection, but the ergonomic chairs in the co-working space are a more appropriate and healthy option for those looking to sit here for the whole day. Furthermore, if you pay for the day, you won’t feel like you can’t sit around for hours and hours without having to order something from the cafe.

That being said, the cafe is actually pretty comfortable and, because it’s dedicated to those who work online, it has very good access to plug points. The amount of people sitting down with their laptops show that this is no good ‘ol cafe. It’s a place to come and sit around other people like you. And, of course, mingling is encouraged!

There’s a special treatment on the walls, that prevents noise from carrying. This way, the space feels buzzing and happening, without being overly loud or distracting. And for those with access to the actual co-working area, there is an open booth that cancels the outside noise way more than its looks give it credit for.

Café & Co has a very interesting price structure. Apart from offering half day and full day passes, they also have an option for full day pass that includes both breakfast and lunch. In that case, breakfast consist of fresh juice, a sandwich and coffee. And, for lunch, you may order any of the specials on the board, which normally include wraps, hot sandwiches and salads. Considering that co-working spaces in Stockholm are far from cheap, this seems to be a pretty good value option.

I enjoyed Café & Co and the area where it’s at – not touristic at all, with a real Stockholm feel to it. For those who’d rather stick to a more central location, you’d be happy to know that the team is working on a new space in a more central location… coming up soon!

Speed test at Cafe & Co Stockholm


Start-Up Cafe by SUP46

Working at Start-up Cafe by SUP46 in Stockholm

Working at Start-up Cafe by SUP46 in Stockholm

I think Start-up Cafe by SUP46 is a mighty fine space to work from in Stockholm! In fact, it was one of my favorites! And why is that? First of all, because it is free to access. And, secondly, because that doesn’t mean you do not get to enjoy a great space with speedy internet and cool networking possibilities.

SUP46 is a co-working space and incubator for resident companies. Only members can access it. But, right by the entrance, sits Start-up Cafe, the coffee joint for those who work at SUP46 and other freelancers and remote workers who care for a professional kind of space to get their tasks done.

Start-up Cafe is a rather standard looking cafe, but instead of being open to the regular public, it is inside an office building in central Stockholm. The seating options range from regular cafe tables with chairs, to couches by  lower tables. The lighting is good, but there is no individual lighting option on each table.

As you can see on the speed test below, the internet speed is one of Start-up Cafe’s highlights. And so is the possibility of working in a space that feels professional, yet relaxed. Once again, for free.

Speed test at Start Up Cafe by SUP46 Stockholm

Other Free Places for Digital Nomads in Stockholm

Apart from paid co-working spaces and cafes with free WIFI, there are other places where you could comfortably spend several hours in Stockholm, in order to get some work done.

Here are some suggestions:

See Also


Hoffice Stockholm

Hoffice Stockholm

If you find regular office settings boring and uninspiring, yet enjoy working with other people around you, check out Hoffice’s events. Members of the Hoffice community are welcome to start events which they normally share with the other members via Facebook. The creator of the event chooses the place, which is most commonly someone’s home: home + office = hoffice! The community can RSVP and join to spend the day working together.

But more than a place to work, Hoffice is a method. You won’t be stuck to your laptop all day long during Hoffice days. The idea is to work for periods of 45 minutes and, afterwards, take breaks with different activities. The goal s to create a stimulating environment and, ultimately, if you are happy during working hours, chances are your work will reflect that too.

More info:


Anti-office/Guerilla Office: Pop Up!

Anti-Office's Facebook photo

Anti-Office’s Facebook photo

The concept of Anti-office / Guerrilla Office Stockholm is somehow similar to Hoffice. Even though it involves no specific method that divides the time between work and play, it  invites people who do not enjoy the atmosphere of regular working spaces to get together and do it a little differently. If nothing else, you don’t get to work in the same place every day. And, chances are, the faces around you change a lot too. It’s not just for freelancers and remote workers. Those who normally work in a regular office are welcome to join in too when they need a change of scene.

Working venues vary all the time, most regularly including places such as cafes and hotels.

If you are new around Stockholm and would like to meet people while still at work, a day of Anti-office may be in order for you!

More info:

There are so many good places to work from in Stockholm which happen to be free that, unless you want to feel like you belong or you are looking forward to connect to very specific people, I don’t see a reason why you should be paying to access a working space. Start-Up Cafe by SUP46 and Café & Co are great spots which I’d totally recommend in Stockholm. Read more, including cafes with free WIFI in Stockholm, at BackpackMe.


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