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Hunome is for humans, by humans, and about humans.

Hunome is for humans, by humans, and about humans.

In the era of AI, Hunome talks mostly about HI


So, at Arctic15 we met many AI companies, and then we met Hunome, more into Human Intelligence, HI, and especially for Collective Sensemaking. 

With that, and a bit wider purpose statement of “helping humanity make sense of itself”, I had a pleasure to talk to Dominique  & Mika  from a Finnish/global startup company

We mainly talked about humans, humanity, and the future. Nice, as the Arctic15 is so much about AI, and with Hunome we went way beyond that.

So, Hunome is for humans, by humans, and about humans. Hunome is a unique platform designed to foster a shared understanding about the intricate issues that shape the world.

Enterprise, organisations and think tanks are all working hard to make sense of the world. Current approaches and tools can be slow, expensive, cumbersome and lack the rich input needed. Even inclusiveness is often difficult to arrange for an output that all can nod and say – yes this makes sense. 

Hunome enables the most critical difficult parts of the process, like ‘data gathering’ or ‘research’ to happen naturally and with ease. Hunome delivers an ongoing understanding of ‘what next’ with the unique data, rather than hard to kick forward start stop programs or research that delivers insights too close to home.

Understanding systemic change with Hunome helps to continually stay on the pulse of that change to futureproof business strategic and societal decision making. Many CEOs lament the difficulty of hearing the societal voice, or the voice has turned into noise that gives no insight. Innovation processes seek ways to not be insular where diminishing returns on information with old data and now with AI can be costly.

HI, instead of AI first in focus, is actually a pretty cool approach for ‘what next’ deliberations. Talked a lot about DATA and AI, of course, but this time taking a more human approach to data, especially in the future data. Future is unpredictable but can be understood and steps can be confidently taken to make the world that makes sense happen together with the many who built the understanding.

When talking about humans, rational versus emotional becomes centric and also evident. How to logically make sense is one of the key questions, and with Hunome SaaS service for collective sensemaking it becomes reality.

Me, as a startup guy, of course tried to ask all the right questions, and we got carried away in the discussions on sharing human experiments, emotions, and the real involvement. And the future and the ways to predict outcomes of all sorts.

While at Arctic15, we of course discussed the event experiences, and the interaction. Mika and Dominique appeared to be true event professionals, and the discussion of Before-During-After the event lifecycle was vivid. There should be more left after the events, sharing the collective wisdom and matchmaking not only at the event, but especially after event collective sensemaking becomes important. Building the Global Village  around the events is a major part

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Hunome, started in 2019, with Hunome free service out in 2021. With international, founded in Finland, diverse team from all around the world . Now the SaaS subscription product’s next phase will be launched with AI helping humanity see what it built – and the company will be welcoming investors into the case as well. 

So far bootstrapped, as a category creator (which makes sense to take a bit longer to take the proven story to the investors) the company is looking at seed funding from very focused investors, with the open round for 2-3M€.

With sensemaking, the obvious answer to Henry Ford’s legendary question is not “Faster horses” 


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