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Swiipe is nominated as EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Swiipe is nominated as EY Entrepreneur of the Year

More than ever we need strong role models and entrepreneurs who can inspire others and actively help put focus on growth and innovation. For 25 years, EY has paid tribute to Denmark’s best growth creators, and this year they want to engage the business community and the participating companies in the fight to defy the crisis we are in and to see opportunities in adversity.

Every year EY selects regional winners across industries and this year Swiipe is nominated in the category Start-up/Scale up.  
Swiipe is soon turning three years and has with a great level of ambition and a strong entrepreneurial spirit optimized the checkout process using One-Click Buy technology and improved the conversion and retention rates for more than 300+ e-commerce clients.

Making online shopping as easy as a physical purchase

It has never been more important to make the online buying experience as easy as a physical purchase as it is today. According to the most recent survey by the Association for Danish Internet Trade (FDIH), every third online store have experienced a marked increase, while every sixth sees revenue halved as a result of the Covid-19 crises. Therefore, it is inevitable that an optimized webshop with a focus on an improved online experience is highly advised.

Swiipe helps ecommerce businesses to be even more attractive in the current market by easing the customer experience, by supporting the e-commerce marked with a fast, easy, and secure checkout and payment solution and One-Click Buy. Swiipe remembers customers’ buying information to optimize time spend in the checkout and ease the buying process across the many webshops already using Swiipe. Swiipe’s aim is to increase the conversion rate for small and medium sized businesses.  

The mission is to improve the entire online shopping experience so that online shopping becomes as easy, and fast, as it is to pay in a physical store – making every day easier when shopping online. Swiipe thus can help webshops to become even more attractive to consumers, which gives an advantage in the form of an optimized checkout, which can help strengthen online businesses in these Covid-time, and in the future.

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