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Danish game success “Subway Surfers” is becoming a TV series

Danish game success “Subway Surfers” is becoming a TV series

Subway Surfers have been downloaded 1 billion times. Now the Danish creators want to go in a new direction and are working on both merchandise and a TV series about the game.

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The game Subway Surfers has been a giant economic success for the two Danish game companies Kiloo and Sybo Games, who have pulled in a combined profit of over 500.000.000 DKK, since launching in 2012.

Until now, their revenues primarily came from the game, but now Sybo Games, the inventor, who hold the rights to the game’s universe, are ready to expand their business. Currently, they are working on merchandise, such as clothes and toys. They are also working on a TV series based on the game.

“Right form the beginning we have had an ambition to see what the Subway Surfers universe could become. And now we also have physical product in the pipeline and have started on a TV series. We feel that there is a demand from people, who would like to know the Subway Surfers Universe even better,” says Mathias Gredal Nørvig, Managing Director, Sybo Games.

Even though it would be easy and quick to sell clothes with the Subway Surfers logo, or sell merchandising licenses, Sybo Games has decided to move forward slowly.

“Some companies have really been fast moving forward. For us it is more about the quality and the authenticity in correlation with the game universe. We have to find products that resonate with our fans,” says Mathias Gredal Nørvig.

An example could be selling skateboards and clothes to tweens, or plush toys for the younger children.

A tv series for Denmark and America

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The TV series is a bigger project than producing t-shirts.  It will take some time before Subway Surfers finds its way to Ramasjang (A Danish TV channel for children) or the big American TV channels.

“We have done a lot of preliminary work, and we have looked at a lot of different scripts and attempts on developing the visual style, so that it suits TV. But from when we say ‘go’ to put the TV series in motion, there is still about year and a half until we have something ready,” says Mathias Gredal Nørvig.

Subway Surfers is now the fourth most popular game for iPhones and iPads worldwide. The founders of the game are Sylvester Rishøj Jensen, creative manager, and Bodie Jahn-Mulliner, CEO.

Sybo entered into a partnership with the more experienced gaming company Kiloo from Aarhus, who have been responsible for the commercial part of the games and have helped them with business development. The two companies share the profits from their games 50/50, while Sybo keeps all the rights to the figures and universes. Thus, all the income from licensed merchandise goes to Sybo Games.

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  • To me, I was wondering which voice actors should do the English dub of the series. Here’s my predictions!

    Zachary Bennett as Jake/Zombie Jake

    Kristen Fairlie as Tricky/Elf Tricky

    Kevin Duhaney as Fresh

    Carlos Diaz as Spike/Roberto

    Sarah Gadon as Yutani

    Drew Nelson as Frank

    Stacey DePass as Lucy

    Scott McCord as King/Bjarki

    Cliff Saunders as Tagbot

    Stephanie Anne Mills as Tasha/Harumi

    Emilie-Claire Barlow as Zoe/Kim

    Terry McGurrin as Ninja

    Novie Edwards as Frizzy

    Adam Greydon Reid as Brody

    Daniel DeSanto as Prince K

    Alex House as Tony/Nick

    Athena Karkanis as Carmen

    Annick Obonsawin as Coco

    Robert Tinkler as Sun/Edison

    Julia Chantrey as Alex

    Cle Bennett as Eddy

    Jeff Geddis as Jamie

    Cory Doran as Jay

    Caitlynne Medrek as Mina

    Barbara Mamabolo as Rosa

    Laurie Elliott as Olivia

    Christopher Jacot as Wayne

    Rachel Wilson as Jasmine

    Melissa Altro as Noon

    Christian Potenza as Buddy/Nikos

    Carter Hayden as Rex/Mike

    Darren Frost as Izzy

    Bryn McAuley as Amira

    Peter Oldring as Marco

    Nicole Stamp as Zuri

    Lisa Yamanaka as Jenny

    Xander Mobus as Jaro

    Nicki Burke as Aina

    Marco Grazzini as Carlos

    T.J. McGibbon as Jia

    Tajja Isen as Ramona

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