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Denmark’s Custimy raised $800K round to help SMBs understand their customers

Denmark’s Custimy raised $800K round to help SMBs understand their customers

Danish software start-up has developed a Customer Data Platform (CDP), to help SMBs challenge the multinational e-commerce giants through smarter use of customer data. Less than a year into its existence, raises more than $800k in pre seed funding to take the next steps in their journey towards empowering SMBs through data insights.

Software start-up has developed a Customer Data Platform for SMBs, to give them access to the same tools, and data-based insights that have been reserved for larger enterprises over the last years.

With a no-code platform, has developed an accessible-for-all CDP, that through the use of first-party data empowers small and medium-sized businesses with better knowledge of their customers, products, marketing, and company.

Since the beginning of’s journey last year, the start-up has managed to build a Customer Data Platform, as well as bring in its first customers, spanning from publicly traded companies to soaring start-ups, in Denmark and the UK.

Newest investment for Pre Seed Ventures for market launch

This journey has so far culminated in raising more than $800k from venture capital Pre Seed Ventures, to take to the next level. Pre Seed Ventures has a long history of investment in successful technology startups such as wine app Vivino, Banking platform Lunar, and customer review page Trustpilot. is the newest investment in their portfolio which leads to an incredibly thrilled co-founder and CCO in Kristoffer Degn, who states:

“This investment confirms what we have been telling ourselves from the beginning. We have the potential to change the way marketing is today. Pre Seed Ventures’ trust in us is incredible, but it also obliges. We need to work harder than ever to reach our potential!”

According to Investment Director at Pre Seed Ventures Anders Bach Waagstein, the product and the potential in the CDP market mean that it was an easy decision for them to invest in

The investment will be used to push the product to the market. As Kristoffer Degn explains:

“We have spent the last nine months building the software, and we have now reached the point where our product is ready to be pushed on the market. This investment helps us do exactly that.“Looking at the future, we have big goals. Since the inception of Custimy, it has been our goal to become a unicorn in five to seven years. So we are looking at that billion-dollar valuation.”

In addition to raising capital to continue the journey, also brings in a chairman of the board in Mikkel Salling, founder and CEO at Firtal Group, leading health and beauty e-commerce in Denmark. Mikkel says about and their potential impact on e-commerce:

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Silicon Valley-based CMO Matterport Robin Daniels is advisory board member, and with 20 years of experience from companies such as WeWork, LinkedIn, and Salesforce, he is guiding the young start-up on what it takes to challenge the big guys from Silicon Valley.

Use your time on execution instead of collection and analysis 

The idea behind started through the founders’ own experiences with data and e-commerce. The two founders, Martin Navne and Kristoffer Degn, joined forces with two very different backgrounds from respectively tech and marketing. Together, they have built a software company with a CDP that uses AI, machine learning, and tech to deliver a product created specifically for marketers in small and medium-sized businesses.

E-commerce businesses have different departments, tools, and data points that all show some degree of a full picture.’s CDP can collect all data points from the webpage, apps, and tools, and clean, sort, and analyze the data for the users. The Customer Data Platform makes it possible for SMBs to use the same tools as larger enterprises to activate and execute on their customer data to gain a competitive advantage.

“Our CDP presents the insights they need to make data-driven decisions and have a full view of their business in one tool. We need to help SMBs and bring them away from gut-based decisions and into the 21st century, where data is king. We can not afford to lose them in the digital era.”

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