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Swedish startup ElByte combines comparison of electricity agreements to reduce energy consumption

Swedish startup ElByte combines comparison of electricity agreements to reduce energy consumption

Elbyte started as a page with detailed guides about the Swedish electricity market, but now you can
also compare and find cheap electricity prices and electricity agreements in their comparison service.

Elbyte was started with a passion for sustainability and how you as a consumer of electricity could
reduce your consumption. The founders of Elbyte felt that more sustainability is desirable and
noticed that information about this was lacking, hence the addition of these tips for reduced
electricity consumption. Then the project grew to the point that they independently developed a
comparison service where the user can sort on environmentally friendly alternatives and also
“Schysst Elhandel”.

At Elbyte, it is possible to find many electricity contracts that are fossil-free and also classified
according to “Bra Miljöval”, which places extra strict demands on the environment to be taken into
account in electricity production. Fair electricity trading is something that has been integrated in
order to better highlight serious players and move away from the pressure on electricity prices and
campaigns that can otherwise be experienced online.

Finding the right electricity agreement to make better choices

Elbyte strongly believes in the idea of ​​finding the right electricity agreement based on the users
preferences and also that they via newsletters give you continuous tips on how to reduce your
electricity consumption. In addition, they want to increase interest in the electricity market and
inspire more citizens to make an active electricity choice. At present, about 10% of Sweden’s
residents do not make an active choice of electricity contract when moving, but receive a so-called
designated electricity contract when they move in at a higher electricity price. Through guides and
information, they hope to make the electricity market in Sweden more transparent and interesting
for the reader.

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The service is easy to use and you just need to fill out your postal code and make some choices about
consumption in order to be shown all the different electricity companies with their prices. Then in
the final agreement page you fill out your personal details which are saved GDPR safe and then
Elbyte send the order to the chosen electricity company for registration.

The founder Filip is a serial entrepreneur that feels like that it is important to take the chance and
learn along the way. As a serial entrepreneur, he has, among other things, sold student hats and
student parties during his studies in business administration. He has also been involved in developing
taxi apps. The founders of Elbyte have also been working for a long time in start-up environments,
which means that they have accumulated skills that they now benefit from around SEO,
programming and finance.

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