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50skills is Nominated for 2018 Nordic Startup Awards

50skills is Nominated for 2018 Nordic Startup Awards


Automating the Hiring Process with 50skills

Hiring new people and expanding the team is certainly a mark of progress, but it nevertheless adds to the company costs. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates the costs related to new hiring at $4,129, while also pointing out that the average time for filling in a position is 42 days. The team of the Icelandic startup 50skills believes that this process, which is currently inefficient and costly, can be transformed into a more optimised and cost-effective one.

Kristjan Kristjansson, Andri Janusson, Georg Olafsson, Sigurdur Helgason, and Bjarki Atlason form the core team of 50skills, where each of them brings years of experience in product development which makes them confident that the chatbots will be the next big thing and become the business norm. As the recruiting industry has been going through different phases and welcoming new approaches, 50skills might actually point at a new HR trend.

Job Posts Made as simple as Social Media Posts

Hiring people and onboarding them is hard. We help companies automate the process, from the moment they decide to hire until a new employee has signed all the required paperwork. Explains the CEO.

Kristjansson and the rest of the co-founders are ready to make the process simpler by introducing an all-in-one solution which comes as a SaaS recruiting platform that makes it easy for employers to create jobs, find the most suitable candidates and onboard them. They explain that the product is designed for team collaboration and integrates with the messaging apps for internal communication such as Slack and Workplace, as well as the live chatbots for external communication, including Intercom, Drift, and Messenger, while enabling employees to share and manage open job calls as easy as their social media posts.

The platform also allows the existing team members to make referrals and by that ease the entire process, since, as the team explains, these hires may fit better the company culture and stay with the company for a longer period.

Human Resourch

Ambitious Goals to Become a Winner in Conversational Recruiting

Assisting the everyday operations of the HR department, particularly the recruiters, 50skills is targeting a growing market which may potentially be worth $14 billion. The team sees a prospect in the messaging recruiting segment, which in their estimates is a $3 billion market.

The existing solutions in their segment can either provide chatbot capabilities or applicant-tracking and are not really focused on new ways of communications, explains the team while pointing out that 50skills, on the other hand, is designed for existing live-chat platforms. In that regard, the value of their solution consists in taking team collaboration to a new level in hiring by integrating with Slack and Workplace, and further automating the onboarding process, which consequently leads to lower hiring-related costs.

The world is moving towards real-time messaging and we plan to be the winner in conversational recruiting. Concludes the team determinedly, adding that they are working on new service towards achieving their goal.

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In less than a year, 50skills managed to sign clients across six countries that operate in different industries, which shows that its solution can work with a wide range of companies regardless of their size or operations. is the creator of this and other content decks about nominees, as a partner of Nordic Startup Awards. is a Danish company that provides corporations with an easy-to-use platform for finding the perfect matching startups. 

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