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Working in the air force, two officers have developed a platform that delivers professional drone solutions within photo and video shoots in one overall solution.

It has only been a couple of months since Christian Clemmensen Møller and Klaus Wolfsberg Kastrup launched their business: With advanced drones as a platform, Dronops delivers professional drone solutions for photo and video shoots, with a broad range of commercial purposes. Their drone operators are amongs the most experienced in Denmark, and have been approved by the transport authority.

“Dronops wants to become a leading supplier of professional drone solutions for the event industry. With our drones and professional organization we can add a new dimension to hosting an event. Whether it is within sport, music or culture. We enable the organizer to get a better view from the air and thereby increase security during the event. Dronops is also capable of live streaming the event to a big screen or YouTube,” says Christian Clemmensen Møller, co-founder and Commercial Director,

It all began in the air force

The idea behind Dronops emerged over a beer during a course at the air force. The founders wondered what else they could do with their time, and they looked at different angles on using drones. With each of their backgrounds they looked into how you could use drone in other businesses. But one thing had to be present: it had to be fun.

With these parameters in mind, they came up with Their costumer base counts private and public companies, societies, and organizations. One thing they point out on their webpage is that their customers don’t need to be concerned with legislation or certification. All their customers need to do is to describe their wishes, and Dronops is going to deliver the whole package – ready to use.

An up and coming business

More and more, people are beginning to see the possibilities drones provide outside of military use. The market is rather unique ,and there is quite a lot of work with developing solutions for the different tasks.

“Dronops is constantly working in the area of tension between new drone tech, policy changes and our customers rising expectation on what we can deliver. It gives a challenging and very dynamic market, which we are work hard to be a leader in”, says Klaus Wolfsberg Kastrup, co-founder and Operations Director,

Since the business is up and coming, it is changing fast. One of the biggest challenges is Danish legislation and the ethical issues behind drones. Legally, the Danish government has been more open to the potential market in drone solutions, and is listening to ideas like, which is a positive sign for their future.

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Operating a drone at an event demands a lot of preparation. Christian and Klaus point out that they can provide the entire package, whether it is for a sports game, a concert, a public event, and so on. Their platform is also heavily focused on safety.

“We use our operative experience from the air force very much, when we assess the security, regarding jobs we need to solve with our drones,” says Klaus Wolfsberg Kastrup.

Although the founders do not manufacture the drones themselves, they have hopes that they will be more hands-on in their production in the future. If there is something that their drones cannot do, then they will do their very best to invent a solution. They want to expand the knowledge about drones, and make them a less feared concept.

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