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Investoreye adds social dimension to investor communications

Investoreye adds social dimension to investor communications

For many companies, managing investor relations means unilateral communications, which may turn into a strategic pitfall. On the other hand, small-scale investors often find it difficult to locate easily understandable investment information on companies. Investoreye offers a tool that solves both of these problems.

Different-sized companies are faced with different challenges when it comes to investor communications. Not nearly all major listed companies gain media visibility, which means that there are many companies on the Helsinki stock exchange whose shares are hardly traded at all. Startup companies are not faced with the issue of investor communications until they are in desperate need of money.

“The companies then frantically visit all sorts of events, selling their idea. Investor communications should be much longer term and ongoing: basically, companies should never stop pitching to keep investors’ interest alive. In the end, it’s about marketing; only, rather than a product, the item marketed is ownership in the company,” says Laura Kuittinen.

Read the rest of the interview at Good News Finland.

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