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Media Honeypot aims to help traditional medias innovate – with help from startups

Media Honeypot aims to help traditional medias innovate – with help from startups

This week, between the 5th and 6th of April, selected technology start-ups will meet face-to-face with top media brands from the region at Media Honeypot, a new event in Helsinki.

Media Honeypot, hosted by Arctic Startup and Partners, brings together media houses and startups providing innovative media solutions, in order to find leads and get the best most innovative solutions to market.  As legacy media companies struggle to keep up with new technologies and business models, it is critical to have better knowledge-sharing with startups in the same industry.

The organizers have arranged the event based on media company interests and needs, and in doing so, have selected the most promising start-ups to help fulfill those.

The event is described as a combination of seminar, one-to-one meetings, pitching, round table discussions and networking. It is structured to encourage a high level of engagement between the four hundred plus attendees and keep the creative energy flowing.

A number of large local, regional and Global corporations will be represented including Alma, Google, Futurice, TEKES, Yle, MTV, Kaupalehti, and Sanoma

The seminar sessions will cover topics such as ‘Media Industry and Digital Transformation’, and guidance for the media companies on how to digitize their product and service portfolio and operate in the multichannel environment.

To encourage real business, a “Deal Room” will be running all day on the 6th April, where twenty minute matchmaking meetings have been pre-arranged.

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The list of start-ups is long, but several of those mentioned on the event website are Finnish and include: Enreach, Ezyinsights, Feed of Me, Flockler and Leiki.

Get your ticket for Media Honeypot here.

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