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#NordicMade at SXSW

#NordicMade at SXSW

All in all there are about 1000 #NordicMade people in Austin for SXSW, representing over 100 tech/startup companies and tens of bands and films and filmmakers.  Mobile sensai Peter Gréen blogs from the #NordicLightHouse at SXSW.

Day 1 of #NordicLightHouse

The Nordics are here for two main activities; the Nordic Light House program running from Saturday to Tuesday, and the SXSW Trade Show running from Sunday to Wednesday, with great Swedish Affairs and #NordicMade booth and lounge.


The Nordic Lighthouse opening night was a great success with hundreds of people enjoying Swedish Music and treats from the Swedish Food Truck, Svante’s Stuffed Burger, and from thereafter is a special theme every day; Sunday is the Nordic Genre Invasion night for the Nordic Genre movement films, Monday is the startup night and Tuesday is Nordic Music Pop-Up with 15 Nordic bands rocking it away.

FastFingers at NordicMade booth

Day 2

The first Nordic Light House brunch session was served by Swedish Mirror Music  and these series go on from brunch to snacks and evening drinks.  Check out the videos here!

#NordicMade action is going on and the SXSW TradeShow started nicely with the Swedish Affairs and Nordic Made booths with tens of startups presenting their solutions. There was also bands playing hourly and the day ended with the Nordic Genre Invasion by Nordic filmmakers.

Nordic LightHouse VC lunch

The best part of the day was definitely the Nordic startups & venture capital networking lunch at Nordic Lighthouse at SXSW, 2.5 hrs of great discussions – and building the bright future for the Nordic startups.

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Day 3

The SXSW Trade show opened today – and it was busy in the two booths right by eachother (Booths 1513 & 1521 if you are reading this in Austin). There were also few launches taking place today, for example Finnish unified sharing app technology company FastFingers launched their @FngrApp today, and ran out of thousands of flyers in an hour!


The night continued with the Nordic Genre Invasion art at the Nordic Light House with the upcoming finnish films Iron Sky- The Coming Race and Bodom. Swedish food truck Svante’s Stuffed Burger supplied the food and kept the punters bellies happy.

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