Now Reading launches at Slush 2023 launches at Slush 2023 PORO launch, the Finnish AI Lab, which is Europe’s largest private AI Lab, made some remarkable launches today at Slush 2023

In short, this is concerning a new platform training LLM’s, PORO1 and 2, with deployment for European languages, with keeping the data also in Europe.

But NSN had a chance to sit down with Founder & CEO Peter Sarlin quickly, to dive a bit deeper in what and why and where SiloGen is going.

Peter, Peter & Sakri, all excited about Poro, Lumi & Stuff

With all the Nordic plus vision capability that can understand and comprehend both text and images, and outperforming all the others.

– We launched mainly three new development thing, major milestones at Slush Stage today. Big news. Poro 1 checkpoints, and also the Poro model family is growing, embracing the Nordic languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Icelandic. Plus, the new partnership with LAION to make our future models not just multilingual but also multi-modal! This means SiloGen models will understand and describe documents with both text and vision, which will be a real game-changer.

LAION, a non-profit, shares our passion for advancing machine learning for everyone’s benefit, being all about making big AI models, datasets, and code accessible to all, fostering global collaboration and innovation, says Peter.

There is a major milestone: Poro 34B is already outperforming other open language models, including FinGPT, Mistral, Llama, and BLUUMI’s massive 176 billion parameter model, specifically in Finnish.

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– With 50% of the training completed in our latest checkpoints, this progress is huge. With this, Silo is taking a major step towards covering all European languages and achieving the vision of European digital independence, providing AI tools for European companies to thrive.

We also discussed about Finland’s position (and Finnish language’s position) in the fast growing AI world: Finland is a small nation, but with a lot of knowledge, and with the LUMI Supercomputer. But at the same time Silo is one of the biggest and most important AI players worldwide, especially in Europe

To conclude the interview, Peter brought up the biggest problem to be solved (and being solved): – Data accessibility, simply and in a nutshell.

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