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Danish startup PackitUp launches a platform to help in the Coronavirus pandemic

Danish startup PackitUp launches a platform to help in the Coronavirus pandemic

Copenhagen-based travel startup, PackitUp, is on a mission to provide help in the time of Coronavirus crisis. The team turned their existing social network platform into BringHero help platform, where people can either offer or request for help during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

By Ira Leino

The platform functions worldwide on voluntary-basis, and therefore, is completely free to use. Indeed, many offers for help around the world have been seen on the platform.

How the platform works

The way, the BringHero platform works is simple: it is to connect people in need of help with people who can help. In other words, the platform brings together the ones, who need help with walking their dogs, getting groceries, picking up packages or medication, with those, who can and are willing to run errands for them. In the same way as the original travel platform, BringHero is based on a map in order to make it easier for users to see whether anyone has offers or requests on their neighbourhood.

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Turning their app into a help platform

The startup changed the travel app into BringHero platform in order to help people affected by the Coronavirus, as travel applications cannot and should not be used at the moment. Due to the virus, there are many, who cannot leave their homes for various reasons, but might need something from the outside. This is where the BringHero platform can turn out really helpful. BringHero can be used free of charge anywhere in the world, that is to say, the startup will gain no profit at all from the users of the platform.

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