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TEDxCopenhagen innovated by Corona

TEDxCopenhagen innovated by Corona

TEDxCopenhagen is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and performances are shared with the community. TEDx´s are normally held physically as an event, and the Corona virus has therefore challanged this format. TEDxCopenhagen license holder, René Munk, speaks about how Corona has changed the TEDxCopenhagen format, maybe forever.

TEDx has always been about the great ideas, making them visible and heard, online as well as in reality. The Corona virus has challenged this format. TEDxCopenhagen, and many other TEDx´s, have had to go from a physical to an online format. “Though the TEDxCopenhagen event 2020 has been cancelled, the event lives on, just on other formats. For instance, this year, we used a couple of weeks and 25 volunteers, to set up our CBS live Instagram sessions, 100% digital”, says René Munk. “This initiative has not only made TEDxCopenhagen greener, but it has shown the importance of being on as many platforms as possible. It is this realization, as well as the realization that we live in bobbles where we hear eccoes of own opinions, and want tailored content, that has spat up the launch of online initiatives, such as TED circles“, says René. TED Circles has been running for 2 years internally, but has now been launched. An attempt to create an online room, where people of different opinions, cultural background, race etc. can meet and talk about their favorite TED talks. A little personal bubble in the online information land.

Incredible change-adaptability from everyone

Skype has always been used a lot by TEDxCopenhagen, as well as other conventional online channels, but thanks to enthusiastic and passionate volunteers, new great online tools and sessions have emerged. “It is because of our volunteers big adaptability and readiness, that we have been able to launch the CBS live Instagram sessions this year, where among others, speakers as Jakob Jønck from Simple Feast appeared, talking about the future of work”, says René. A platform, new to most of the speakers, at this years CBS TEDxCopenhagen event. This has also led to meetings on zoom and other platforms, which many of the volunteers have been testing prior to using them. “It is because our volunteers are so curious that we manage to stay upfront, even tough our resources are very limited”, says René. “The Corona virus has not just changed the organization and its volunteers, even my parents have started to invite me for Zoom dates”, René laughs. Which goes to show that the change readiness can be found everywhere.

Looking forward to TEDxCopenhagen 2021

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Where TEDx events have always been physical, TEDxCopenhagen this year launched talks 100% online via Instagram. And they are not the only ones. TEDxOslo has likewise made a 100% digital event this year, and many are to follow. “The CBS TEDxCopenhagen event 2020 tested the waters for us, and now we are ready to make a 100% digital event if necessary in 2021,” says René. This is not only good for the environment, should this happen, it is also something that can lower the barrier to entry for people watching TEDxCopenhagen. You no longer have to be physically close to the event to see it, and to participate. As with the CBS TEDxCopenhagen 2020 event, where guests streaming the live session, could ask questions directly to the TEDxCopenhagen talker. “This also goes to show, that it is no longer satisfying for people to just sit and watch TEDx. They want to be able to stream it from anywhere in the world. Globalization has made this a need. Now we just have to see, how we can do it in a really cool way that makes us stay true to our brand,” says René.

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