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New startup wants to help Danes get 11 billion in forgotten tax deductions

New startup wants to help Danes get 11 billion in forgotten tax deductions

Each year, Danes miss out on 11 billion kroner in deductions, either because people don’t know what they are entitled to, or because the process is simply too cumbersome. Tax Helper wants to change that. 

By Aske Buemann

Taxes and deductions can give many a blank look in their eyes. Therefore, two entrepreneurs will now help people find their deductions and get their money back in a fast and easy manner. 

The founders saw a study by Epinion that showed how more than 1 million Danes miss out on deductions that they are legally entitled to. This became the starting point for Tax Helper, which launched in late May. 

“We have ourselves felt the pain of trying to navigate the jungle of deductions that has occurred over the last few years. For instance last year, I helped a colleague get back more than DKK 15,000 in taxes, that she didn’t know she was entitled to,” says CEO, Aske Buemann in a press release. 

For example, if you have been traveling with work where you are entitled to a deduction – even if the employer pays for all meals and accomodation. Then you can get up to DKK 1,000 a week in deductions. 

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On the platform, the difficult legal language from has been replaced with everyday questions, such as what you’ve been doing during the year. Thus, you don’t need any tax knowledge to get your deductions. 

To see if you can get a deduction, you can try the platform here. It is free to try and you only pay if you can get money back. In the fall, the company plans to launch a full English version as well, which you can pre-register for in the bottom here. 

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