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Finnish startup hopes to win advertisers

Finnish startup hopes to win advertisers

Facebook ad management looks deceptively simple. Sure, anyone can do it, but only the best practices resulting from painstaking trials and errors provide optimal/wanted results. is a Finnish startup that promises better and simpler platform for advertisers made through that process.

Soon after the launch of in 2013, they became trusted partners in Facebook Marketing Partner community in building tools for modern marketers.

Today, they work with the largest e-commerce companies in Europe, as noted by Kalle Tiihonen, their Product Marketing Manager. As a result of that, they’ve managed to learn a lot and to find the optimal way of planning and creating Facebook ad campaigns.

Does it all really work? According to quite a few published case studies found on their web, it seems to be the case. Companies that partnered with and/or utilized their tools for Facebook advertising are more than satisfied. Notable examples are the 3.1x CTR (Click-through rate) increase for, and 375% increase in web traffic and 48% increase in sales for We Effect, among others.

Kristo Ovaska, CEO and Founder of has recently been awarded the ‘Founder of the year’ title in the Nordic Startup Awards event, and his startup won a title of the ‘Best Newcomer’. Smartly has received € 2.5M in Series A round this April from Lifeline Ventures, according to CrunchBase.

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‘Aside’ from the core product, they especially pride themselves with dedicated real-time support, and the fact they are always working hard to implement the newest features Facebook has to offer. It is worth mentioning that offers a free two-week trial, and one can request a Demo of the service.

If someone’s interested to work there – is also looking to expand their team of passionate and dedicated people. They have some software engineering and management positions open with plenty of benefits and perks. You can check it out here.

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