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Keeduu launches new solution for primary education at Slush 2015

Keeduu launches new solution for primary education at Slush 2015

Keeduu is a new learning solution, which combines official primary education curriculum with gaming in a unique way.

With an official launch to the public at Slush 2015, Keeduu presented a solution aimed at schools which brings education into the digital era in an easy and simple manner. By combining a game, textbook, videos, assignments and educational exercises, Keeduu wants to to make learning more engaging for grades 3 – 6.

“I’ve seen schools struggling in moving to the digital era – they have invested in devices, but there’s a lack of proper content, or it’s very scattered around the internet. Children are completely at ease with digital technology, and clearly there exists a huge gap between the available solutions and the skills that today’s kids already have,” says founder & CEO, Mari Kilpelainen.

Learn while playing

The idea for the Keeduu learning solution came from the personal experience of Mari Kilpelainen.

“I’m a mother of three, and a school vice-principal. I’ve seen my sons grow up becoming digital natives, comfortable using iPads and other devices even before they started school. I began thinking that they might as well learn something while they are playing.”

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Keeduu puts learning into a single package, where all learning topics are divided into modules and lessons which challenge the pupils to participate actively and produce their own content as well.

The Keeduu solution is developed by Kasauma Education Ltd, an eLearning startup based in Joensuu, Finland. Their mission is to gamify the education system, starting from elementary schools and maths learning. The product has already been tested in 20 schools in Finland, prior to its international launch.

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