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Slush sold out again this year 2023

Slush sold out again this year 2023

The eternal flame was ignited in 2008 in Helsinki with a one-day affair made up of around 250 people. Since that the event has grown by leaps and bounds, our goal has stayed the same: the focus is on how best to serve startup ecosystems across the world.

As the founders and present employees of Slush organization want to inspire the current and future generations to tackle complex problems and collide with people from different areas of expertise. Entrepreneurs building scalable solutions will be at the core of creating the solutions that will make that future a bright one.

Slush is on a mission to help founders to change the world. To support that, Slush 2023 will bring together 5,000 startup founders and operators, accompanied by 3,000 investors and 3,000 ecosystem players looking to back the next generation of exceptional founders.

This year, the speakers whose names have raised eyebrows and interest among the audience are Nico Rosberg, Sanna Marin, and Tony Xu.

Sanna Marin was interviewed also last year.

Nico Rosberg is a half-Finn and second generation F1 World Champion. Nowadays, he is focused on startups and especially on sustainability.

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Sanna Marin is a previous Finnish Prime Minister, who today works for Tony Blair Institute. This means, that Ms. Marin speaks to the audience in Finland less frequently.

Tony Xu is a Chinese-American billionaire businessman and the co-founder as well as Head of International at DoorDash & CEO at Wolt. He became a household name in Scandinavia and the Baltics when his DoorDash acquired the Helsinki-based Wolt.

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