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The Ebove gamified bike goes way beyond spinning class

The Ebove gamified bike goes way beyond spinning class

The launch of Ebove B\01 bikes  at the startup hub MESH in Oslo was a one-of-a-kind event.  Take a peek behind the scenes at Activetainment‘s new smartbike, which goes way beyond spinning class.

The Activetainment Ebove B\01 smart bike is an evolution of your basic indoor stationary bike.  Like many of these next-gen bikes, the smart bike has augmented biking tracks, a built in incline, and resistance motor.  But from the first ride, it is clear that the smart bike is miles ahead of even high-tech stationary bikes.

When I first sat on the bike, it started to tilt  just as a real bike would do. This is due to the multi-axis motor that provides real-like experience for the rider. The bike follows deviations as if it is on a real track: it shakes, tilts, and turns the bike as though you are flying down a mountain trail. As I am writing this article, my pulse runs sky-high just remembering the experience. It was awesome fun.

“There are o3D bike 3 Nov (Special edition v2).14ther static indoor cycling products that use elements of our technology, but we are the first to develop a fully simulated bike experience where you get real movement interacting with what you see on the screen,” says Jan Arild Svello, Activetainment’s co-founder.

What truly makes riding this bike a different experience is that it is gamified. Without realizing it, I had already biked 8 minutes and was sweating. I wanted to go faster, turn smoother, and enjoy the loops with maximum velocity.

Taking the monotony out of stationary biking

Imagine a spinning class with these bikes, where your opponent overtakes you as you race towards the finish line.  Being able to socialize with these bike was a very important the team right from the beginning.

There are also Oculus Rift equipped bikes, which leads to a whole new level of stationary biking, where you are part of a truly immersive experience.

The team encourages anyone who would like to try the bikes, to visit the company’s Oslo office.

“Instead of you hoping that the fun will be the hidden benefit of your work out, the hidden benefit is from all,” says Jan.


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More than a toy for the wealthy

Since their launch at the end of November, 2015, the company has built up some serious buzz.  During the launch party alone, 6 units were sold – no easy feat, as the price tag is not exactly budget-friendly.  The real sales work for the team starts now, as they race to become the go-to stationary bike for the high end gyms around the world.

While the bikes will probably always have a place as a high-end toy for the wealthy, the company’s strategy is to attract gyms and hotels to provide a new gamified workout experience for their members.

The company has been working on the project for 3 years now, growing from 4 founding members to 8 full time employees, and has successfully raised $6 million from private investors.

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