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Top Finnish startup accelerator expands to the Nordics and Baltics

Top Finnish startup accelerator expands to the Nordics and Baltics

Kiuas Accelerator

Summer of 2021 is closing in, and as the world is seeing a surge in optimism with the influx of vaccines, Kiuas, the #1 startup accelerator in Finland, brings exciting news about expansion.

Kiuas today revolves around the startup accelerator programs, and with the changing world, it makes to evolve the flagship program, Kiuas Accelerator, to the next level as well.

The Kiuas Accelerator program focuses heavily on coaching and challenging the attending teams through educational sessions and direct feedback. The Kiuas programs are supported by a pool of hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors, who are matched to help the teams with their respective challenges. The program runs from the start of July to the end of August, spanning roughly two months, and is held annually.

Kiaus expands scope to all Nordic and Baltic startups

Previously, the program has been limited to Finland-based teams, but after several years of consecutive successful programs, and requests from startups abroad, Kiuas expands the scope of the program to include also startups that are based in Nordics & Baltics. This expansion acts as a stepping stone for further expansion in the future, while still utilizing many existing connections Kiuas has to Nordic & Baltic entities. The amount of accepted teams is doubled from 15-20 to 30-40.

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Kiuas is a non-profit startup accelerator, which helps anyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to serial founders through free online services and startup accelerator programs. The online services include Starting Up, a free course on entrepreneurship, and Kiuas Inside, a platform where to find (or to be found to be) a co-founder for a startup. Kiuas also runs two programs, Kiuas Start , for turning projects into startups, and Kiuas Accelerator, for accelerating the growth of early-stage startups.

Interested teams can apply at until 9.6.

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