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5 Swedes showcased in Forbes “30 under 30” 2016

5 Swedes showcased in Forbes “30 under 30” 2016

This week, Forbes released their annual “30 under 30” list of young talent, and 5 Swedes made the cut.

The list, which totals 600 people in 20 different categories, is an annual compilation of young global talent.  The categories listed include e-commerce, enterprise tech, gaming, and finance.

Although the Nordics (and Europe as a whole) were far outnumbered by the Americans on the list, 5 Swedish entrepreneurs were profiled.  Check them out below:


Carl Pei, 26, co-founder of One plus

Pei founded OnePlus, a global direct-to-consumer unlocked mobile brand, which has sold over 1.5 million copies around the world.  After finishing his secondary education in Sweden, Carl moved to China to complete an economics degree, although he dropped out.  He now lives in Schenzhen.

Carl Waldekranz, 29, co-founder and CEO of Tictail

Tictail, one of the most successful startups in the Nordics, allows boutique businesses to set up online stores with ease.  After being founded in 2011, the company grew to include include a network of over 100,00 stores, and brought in profits last year of over $22 million.

Carl-Arvid Ewerbring, 27, co-founder of Resolution Games

Resolution Games, the studio founded by Carl-Arvid alongside Tommy Palm and Martin Vilcans, made headlines this year after raising the largest Series A funding round of any VR gaming studio at $6 million. The company is best known for bringing the simplicity of mobile games into the world of virtual reality.

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Babba Canales, 25, marketing manager for Ubers New York office

Canales was responsible for the successful launch of Uber in Stockholm in 2013 before moving over to the New York office.  As a marketing manager, she now focuses on brand building partnerships, and is known for her collaborations with hip brands like Rag & Bone.


Check out the rest of the list, which also includes 2 Danes: Konrad Kierklo of Miinto group, and Sophie Trelles-Tvede, the creator of invisibobble hair bands, as well as Finnish Slush founder Mikki Kusi, here.

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