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New EU project aims to help startups enter innovations into public procurement processes

New EU project aims to help startups enter innovations into public procurement processes

Is your startup willing to be challenged by purchasers in the public administrations? If so, get in touch Innobrokers, an EU-funded project, aiming at facilitating the procurement of innovative goods and services by strengthening the links between public buyers on the demand side and innovative companies on the supply side.

The project addresses startups and SMEs, organizations supporting innovation procurement and public procurers. The objective is to test innovation procurement brokerage approaches at regional and European level, to support and carry out assessments of public authorities needs and to engage with startups and SMEs across Europe to find innovative solutions to needs. A total of five regional procurement of innovation broker schemes will be piloted in the Upper Austria Region, Denmark, North Rhine Westfalia (Germany), Ireland and Andalusia (Spain), then scaled up to a European level.

Currently, buyers are identifying and defining their needs that will be then published in the project website, as well as shared via social media channels to encourage startups to respond to the challenge.

Getting startups into public tendering

InnoBrokers wants to make entrepreneurs aware that public tendering can be an easy journey, which starts by asking public buyers what they need and why the solutions in the market do not satisfy their demands. Innovation public procurement can trigger the demand for innovative solutions that do not exist yet and that, afterwards, will be available for the whole market.

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The Innovation Procurement Brokers project also highlights that the market needs innovative companies who take advantage of their size, simplicity and speed to quickly react to the public needs and demands. The ultimate goal of the project is to create new opportunities for SMEs and startups, and support their growth and development.

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