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Crowd For Impact disrupts the crowdfunding market through impact specific crowdfunding

Crowd For Impact disrupts the crowdfunding market through impact specific crowdfunding

A Helsinki based startup, Crowd For Impact, has launched a crowdfunding platform for impact startups solving global issues. It offers both individuals and companies a chance to support impact projects, and receive responsibly produced goods and services in return.

Crowd For Impact is a reward based crowdfunding platform that combines crowdfunding, corporate sustainability and startup funding into a unique tool for solving global challenges such as plastic waste, loss of biodiversity, inequality and much more. The founders Anders Lindeberg (CEO), Johannes Bohren (COO), Milja Mäkelä (CMO), Monis Amjad (CTO) revealed the successor platform of the crowdfunding site on September 8th. 

Pivoting to an impact creation tool

While Crowd For Impact has a foundation as a consumer oriented crowdfunding platform, it has now pivoted into a sustainability-as-a-service tool that supports entrepreneurs with tangible solutions to global challenges. This means that companies who support campaigns on Crowd For Impact, receive resources for their sustainability reports. Most importantly, they support an impact startup’s journey to fight global challenges and receive meaningful products and services in return, which the supporting companies can assign to their employees.

“Entrepreneurial innovations solving climate change, pollution, loss of biodiversity, inequality or societal issues are key for our survival as a civilization. We strongly believe that the solution lies in the cooperation between impact startups and companies,” COO & Co-founder Johannes Bohren says.

“By supporting impact entrepreneurs, we can move faster to a more ecological and equal society”

In return for contributing to crowdfunding campaigns by impact startups, companies receive sustainably produced services and products, which they can assign to their employees. The platform features support sustainability communication, employer branding and investor relations. Companies, such as Nitro Games, Solita and Gofore, have already committed to pilot Crowd For Impact’s new tool, scheduled to be released in late November.

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“We are building a welcomed service for impact creation. By creating purchasing power for innovative entrepreneurs, we can offer them an alternative growth channel. Nothing is more important for startups than sales. If impact entrepreneurs get remuneration for their pioneering work, we can move much faster to a more ecological and more equal society,” Bohren adds.

​​RiverRecycle, a startup with a solution for cleaning the world’s rivers of plastic waste, is running a crowdfunding campaign through Crowd For Impact. Another interesting campaign is Beehive as a service by HumbleBee Housing Project, that offers companies a chance to locate a beehive on their building rooftop and in this way contribute to maintaining healthy ecosystems. While doing so, the contributor receives their own locally produced honey.

Also culture and art projects, such as Tampereen Tullikamari, who are crowdfunding the making of their 120 year anniversary book, are welcomed to join Crowd For Impact.

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