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Danish startup Bellmetric’s new platform will make visitors into customers

Danish startup Bellmetric’s new platform will make visitors into customers

The Danish startup Bellmetric has just launched a new platform designed to increase conversion rates on websites. The platform makes it easier to identify when visitors to a site need a little push in the right direction.

According to Janus Lindau, the CEO of Bellmetric, many marketers are not working to personalize the visitor experience on their websites. Bellmetric has built a platform, called the Bellmetric Conversion Platform, which can make it easier to identify when visitors need help, are stalled, or need a little “nudge” to become customers.

As Janus says:

“We want visitors to be engaged by the right message, at the right time, and when it is appropriate for their situation – whether it is through an offer, e-mail, or a phone call. Companies need to interact more with their customers and personalize the site experience to improve conversions.”

The idea for the new solution emerged based on Bellmetric’s previous experiences with data driven marketing and their Call Tracker product.

From data collection to a new platform

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Work on building the platform began early in 2014. Data collected from a wide range of customers across channels, found that typically only 2-4% of a website’s visitors convert into customers.The team behind Bell Metric made it their goal to create a system that makes the last 96% visitors into customers.

“Our close customer dialogues enabled us to discover that we could create even more value to businesses. Where other platforms aim to make the 2-4% to 5%, we help companies to engage the other 95%. In short, we need data-driven, intelligent customer involvement in the market – so that’s what we go out and now offer,” says Janus Lindau.

Today, Bell Metric more than a hundred customers, mainly in Scandinavia, but also in other European countries such as England, Holland, and Italy. Now the goal is to get more UK customers and a few well-known British brands on board so that they can become part of the customer portfolio, which includes companies such as Telia, Canal Digital, Codan, and Pensam.

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