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Denmark’s largest conference for Nordic game developers returns December 7

Denmark’s largest conference for Nordic game developers returns December 7

Denmark’s largest conference for Nordic game developers is back in Aalborg on December 7th. This year, the Games Business 2015 conference focuses on the future of business in the games industry.  What will the future of business in games look like? And what will be the new trends and innovations in gaming?  

During the one-day conference held in Aalborg, Denmark, veterans from the Nordic games industry will take the stage and discuss where they see business in the fast growing games industry moving in the coming years.

Among the expert speakers to take the stage is former Candy Crush Saga maker King’s Game Guru, Tommy Palm, who has now started his own Virtual Reality studio. At King, Palm was largely credited as being responsible for moving Candy Crush from the browser to mobile, effectively establishing the game as the worldwide megahit we know it as today.

In January 2015, however, Palm left King to start his own Virtual Reality studio, Resolution Games, which by August this year, received a $6 million investment from Google Ventures among others.

During his Keynote speech, Palm will talk about his experiences from King, but also how he believes Virtual Reality might change the future of business in the games industry.

“Having the games industry come together to share best practices and lessons learned is critical. That was one of the keys in making mobile games so successful was building upon advancements and creating an open forum for discussion. And, it will be an equally necessary component in making emerging games platforms like VR and AR successful.”, says Tommy Palm.

What will the future look like?

Business insight stories from earlier stage businesses in the Nordic games industry will highlight important areas and up-and-coming trends, such as the impact of emerging markets, new platforms such as VR, alternative investment opportunities, and new ways to lead companies.

A “Visions of the Future” panel debate featuring experts from various fields in the industry will dive into everything from Apple TV and smartwatches to emerging markets and the future of self-publishing. What markets is the industry moving towards?

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“China is the #1 mobile gaming market, there are 46+ mio. gamers in Russia, 600 mio. mobile phones in Latam, 53+ mio. Facebook users in MENA (The Middle East) of whom 42% plays games – it does take an extra effort to reach these new gamers (different distribution channels and payment methods, culture, local government restrictions); however I believe this is where the future revenue streams lies”, says Christine Thaarup, who will also be speaking at the conference.

Attendees can also participate in the networking session, which includes hotdogs and beer on tap, giving everyone a chance to mingle and share ideas.

The full program for the day can be found here.

Games Business 2015 is open to everyone open to learning more about the games business and gaming industry. It is organized by NordicGameBits, Shareplay, and Interactive Denmark. Tickets are for sale here.

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