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Estonian Startup Creates Fastest Charger – The BOLD Knot

Estonian Startup Creates Fastest Charger – The BOLD Knot

The Tartu based company Bold Gadget created an innovative and fashionable tech gadget that quickly solves low battery problems. BOLD Knot is a USB charging cable that charges your phone 2x faster than other cables.

Charging is possible everywhere you are at, without the need of connecting the BOLD Knot to a power source as the knot can withhold power in itself up to 3 hours. Eventually, it can also be connected to a power source such as a computer, without slowing down the charching function. This is possible as its technology blocks data from passing through the wires, therefore conveying just power to your phone.

The design matters

The Bold Gadget team put efforts in designing BOLD Knot making it a piece of multifunctional, practical and fashionable design. It can be purchased in different colors and it can be used as keychain, as the charging ends are magnets.

Differently from chargers, this USB cable is made of strong and durable parachute cords that keep the cable flexible and impossible to tangle itself. Furthermore, it is really tiny, therefore it can be carried out anywhere without risking to run out of power.

In numbers

BOLD Gadgets is a team of 6 members whom raised the impressive amount of 55.000 US dollars in 16 days on Indigogo, when their original goals was actually just 15,000 US dollars. Almost 1000 people backed their project.

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See their Indiegogo video here:

BOLD Knot weights only 40 grams, gives you up to 3 hours of talk time and has a capacity of 700 mAh. It charges twice as fast as normal chargers available now on the market and it is available for both Androids and iPhone smartphones.

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