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Fashion + Big Data = EasySize

Fashion + Big Data = EasySize

Gulnaz Khusainova, founder of EasySize, uses big data to know your body size better than you do.

Originally written in #NordicMade Magazine, August 25th, 2015.

The Nordic countries are booming with fashion technology startups like Son of A Tailor, Miinto, Fits. me, The Cloakroom, Heelosophy or EasySize. EasySize is the Copenhagen-based, data-driven technology startup that digs into online-retailers databases to help better define clothing sizes and decrease returns. It promises to decrease returns by 35%, increase sales by 42%, and provide a better shopping experience. After almost a year of development and research, EasySize launched in October 2014 and since then has gained a massive traction among online shops and in the fashion technology scene. It has already launched operations in such big European e-commerce markets
as Britain and Germany.

So what online shopping problems does EasySize solve exactly? Most people have received clothes that do not fit in size after ordering online. This is because sizes vary from brand to brand and from shop to shop, depending on whether the clothes are marked by European, American, French or any other country’s size instructions. On an individual level, this means more trouble for the customer, but for the shops, it costs millions. Webshops around the world use many unnecessary resources on their return schemes and transport, which in reality could be reduced if the customer initially bought the desired clothing in the right size and fit. In fact, 80-90% of returned clothes in European online shops are returned due to wrong size. The annual cost for handling returned goods for European online shops – 8.4 billion euros.

Smart algorithms to help shoppers

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“EasySize has solved the fit & size issue in fashion e-commerce by helping online shops to read their own data. Data is so powerful, and with a smart algorithm, EasySize helps to determine the shopping patterns across hundreds of thousands online shoppers around the world without bothering them while they are shopping. In just 10 months since the launch, we have already gathered almost 500,000 unique users in our database and more than 500 brands,” says Gulnaz Khusainova the CEO and Founder of EasySize.

The female founder Khusainova has been with the company from the idea’s inception, taking it from an idea at a cafe table opposite a lingerie shop in Moscow through the accelerator program Startupbootcamp Mobile in Copenhagen and has now turned it into a fashion startup with a product ready to be scaled. Prior to EasySize, Gulnaz founded 2 startups and worked in marketing and IT for 7 years.

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