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How to recruit on LinkedIn

How to recruit on LinkedIn

Recruitment is forever ‘hot topic’ for startups.  On the one hand, they need wildly talented employees, and on the other, they cannot offer high salaries.  Available funds must be used wisely.  The good news is, there are great ways to find talent and save money using LinkedIn.

You do not need to spend money hiring expensive recruiters or posting on exclusive job boards.  LinkedIn is free of charge, and can be just as effective if used well.  Businesses can save good money using LinkedIn, especially if they plan to headhunt employees themselves.

Earl Rose Happiness, Project Manager at Rainmaking and Danish Bank’s new recruitment hub, gives 7 tips for recruiting on LinkedIn.

1) Define your minimum requirements
On LinkedIn, most users already have a job, so the more specific you are in what you want, the better.  For example, if you are looking for a developer, make sure to define your tech requirements.  In order to entice people away from their current jobs, you need to write about all the innovative, pioneering technologies you use.

It is also helpful to use the accepted industry terms of the field you are recruiting employees from. Developers can sniff out a lie from a mile away, so if you use the proper academic terms – and do your best to fully understand them yourself.

2) Create a business page on LinkedIn
Create a company page on LinkedIn. Applicants who are interested in your post will most likely check it out and give a “like”. You may even want to include these “likes” in the pool of talent you are looking into.

Also, make sure that your current employees state on LinkedIn that they work for your business. People would like to have great colleagues, and may want to check them out online first.

Write an appetizing text about your business on your LinkedIn page. Share your values ​​and how you’re going to change the world. Finally, it is also important that you have a beautiful cover image, so people can see what team and what culture you have.

3) Update your personal profile
Everything you do on LinkedIn can lead to recruitment. People are usually more motivated when they are on a mission, so even in your personal profile, you need to write about the company’s mission and why it is important! Use your profile to write about how cool company, and why is an attractive place to work.

Finally, a few personal recommendations do not hurt. Ask a few people you appreciate to vouch for you.

4) Upgrade your account
You need to upgrade your LinkedIn account so you can get Inmails. Inmails is LinkedIn’s way of saying that you have to pay to be able to contact people you do not know. Upgrading your account is not cheap. You will have to cough up a decent-sized chunk of cash for this service each month.

However, depending on your strategy, you may not need to upgrade. It is only necessary if you want to ‘poach’ people. If you’re looking for candidates in a sector that usually gets a lot of candidates, don’t bother. If you are looking for a developer, and your business is not Google, you should definitely do it.

5) Write an enticing ad
Remember: if you are trying to attract a developer, talk about the exciting, cutting-edge technologies that you use or would like to use in the company. Your development processes will also be a good topic.

To attract talented candidates you really need to sell your business. Do not write about what you do not want in a developer, but write about your company’s values, raison d’être, and your great culture. Write about the benefits that your company can offer new employees.

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6) Place the ad
Now it’s time to post your job ad on LinkedIn. It will cost some money,  but is still cheaper than professional recruiting services. You can also pay extra to boost your ads exposure, but I recommend seeing what type of response you get first. You already get decently high exposure from a regular ad.

Be specific about how you want people to apply. If people applying using both LinkedIn and e-mail, it makes it difficult to follow up and keep an overview of applications. I recommend email, since people tend to have a more personal touch in their responses.

If you are trying to convince someone to leave their job for your business, it is best that the job ad is submitted by a CEO or Managing Director. If a trainee or assistant does it, it will not look good for your business. If you are too busy to post the ad, give someone else access to your LinkedIn.

7) Headhunt your candidates
Now just start looking for candidates in the search box.

You will go through an average of  30-50 candidates before you find a good match, so keep looking. Use whatever you need. Use your 30 Inmails to write a persuasive message to potential candidates about why they are the right person for your business. Unanswered e-mails will be returned after a few days so you can safely spam!

Happy hunting!

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