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Falcon Social is making social media management look easy

Falcon Social is making social media management look easy

Falcon Social offer a unified software as a service(SaaS) platform for social media engaging, publishing, listening, measuring, and management. Their goal is to help their clients explore the full potential of social media marketing, and instill the right social media thinking in their employees.

Their social media management tool unifies organically developed products on a single platform, and makes it easier for their customers to navigate the fast-expanding world of social media. Falcon Socials platform is always evolving, and can be scaled to fit the precise needs of any company.

Falcon Social consists of an international team with people from 38 different nationalities, who are dedicated to helpibg brands and marketers overcome the challenges of social media. Falcon Social is led by an experienced management team, as well as a very hands-on board of directors.

Back in March 2015, Nordic Startup Bits reported that Falcon Social had received a 15 million euro investment, after having seen a revenue growth in 2014 of 443 percent. Ulrik Bo Larsen, CEO and founder of Falcon Social, states that the investment would be used to strengthen their customer service and support, so they could live up to their customers highest expectations.

More than just a social media hub

Falcon Social has a lot of focus on customer service, and uses many resources to secure the highest standards when it comes to their customer support. Whether you need some everyday user tips or long-term strategic advice, you will be able to find help at Falcon Social.

Sven Golob, “Falcon puts the user first, in terms of both the user experience in the platform and also in how they work with customers. Reactivity to my questions is awesome, and everything has always gone so smoothly. I get the feeling that people at Falcon are passionate about product, and about delivering excellent customer service.” says Sven Golob, Social Media Specialist, FEIN

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Falcon Social offers four different kind of service plans, which are designed to advance best practices in organizations at different levels of social media management. Falcon Social can even help by turning insights into game plans and develop new strategies for your organization.

“I was so impressed with their research and recommendations. There was so much detail in there but they managed to distill a ton of research and conversations into a very digestible product. I was stunned. ”says Sven Golob

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