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New Danish app digitalizes horse stables

New Danish app digitalizes horse stables

In Aarhus, Denmark, two sisters named Julie and Maria Morin are digitizing horse stables with their new app, Mosson Stable.

The app creates an overview of the practical tasks needed to run a horse stable, such as care, feeding, and training, which are logged so that everyone using the stable can keep up with developments.


“For example, in competition rooms, it is extremely important to know where the individual horse is in his training. Today, such information is typically carried from mouth to mouth or to whiteboards where you cannot save the history. Mosson Stable is an internal work tool that allows everyone to see what the plan is – both around the horse, but also in relation to everything outside the stable, ” says Maria Morin said in a press release.

Horses must be treated as top athletes

Initially, Mosson Stable was intended solely for competition rooms, but in the long run, the app will be developed to be implemented across the equestrian industry and in all forms of stables. The reason for the early focus on competition rooms, according to Julie Morin, is that the degree of detail needed to house and train in high performance horses means that this segment of the industry is the hardest to enter.

With Mosson Stable, the most important data is stored and made available to all stable employees, so they can easily and quickly get an overview of the conditions surrounding each horse. The opportunity to share information about the horses among trainers, employees, and owners is beneficial, says Henrik Friis, Director of Danish Horse Racing:

“First and foremost, this is a tool that can help trainers and their staff in their daily life and help to digitize the knowledge they build in that context. At the same time, it can help reduce the risk of errors. ”

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Mosson stable will promote both horse and human welfare

Mosson Stable was launched on March 21, but the siblings are continuing to improve upon the app as user feedback comes in. They eventually look forward to scaling beyond the country’s borders, but initially their mission is to penetrate the Danish market and create value for their customers.

“We dream that Mosson Stable will be a digital solution across all equestrian segments. One thing is to help strengthen the horse’s performance, but it is also about the value of reducing flaws in the horses’ conditions and increasing employee drive with a tool that improves communication. Both in relation to horse welfare, but also in relation to the people working in the industry, ” said Julie Morin in a press release.

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