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New on Indiegogo: Test your sperm quality at home with SwimCount

New on Indiegogo: Test your sperm quality at home with SwimCount

MotilityCount is ready to go to market with their sperm quality home test called SwimCount. Last Monday the launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indegogo.

By Torben Kloster

Having to make a sperm quality test on cue at a clinic can be a bit of an uncomfortable experience for men. Therefore, the company MotilityCount is now trying to make the sperm quality test into a more convenient experience. They have developed SwimCount, which has just been CE certified, meaning that the product meets the essential requirements and directives of the EU. Therefore SwimCount is now ready for sale in Europe.

New test is more accurate

There are several home tests already on the market but they have been criticized for being too vague, partly because they only take into account the number of sperm cells. There are many more important parameters to measure. One of them is how alive the sperm cells actually are, and this is where SwimCount differentiates itself from the existing home tests. It also measures the number of sperm cells that are actually able to swim.

Fertility declines with age, and if you have problems with sperm quality, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. Here SwimCount can be the boost that men need to get.

“Too many couples with fertility problems are waiting to examine why they do not become pregnant. But the time factor is a very important factor in the treatment of infertility. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment as early as possible. SwimCount quickly provides certainty of sperm quality, and thus you can take a shortcut to right treatment instead of “wait and see” too long,” says Jacob Møllenbach, Managing Director at MotilityCount, in a press release.

He also adds that SwimCount should not be seen as a competitor to taking a sperm quality test at a fertility clinic. It is rather a supplement that can give men the push to examine their sperm count and therefore start any treatment earlier.

Campaign on Indiegogo
Last Monday SwimCount started a campaign on crowdfunding site The goal is to collect 25,000 dollars. During the first few days SwimCount already picked up 13 percent of the amount requested.

See Also

You can check campaign page here, where among other things you can hear the founder Steen Lauren talk about the advantage of being able to make sperm quality tests at home. Steen Lauren owns a fertility clinic and has many years of experience with fertility tests.

According MotilityCount SwimCount has an answering certainty of about 95 percent. Figures show that up to one fifth of all men have reduced sperm quality and therefore have problems with having children.

In the video below you can see a small introduction to SwimCount and how the sperm quality test works.

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