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Nordic eWheels at Slush 2022.

Nordic eWheels at Slush 2022.

There was a lot “e” in the air at Slush 2022, and not only in software, cryptos and such “normal” web3 things – but on wheels, too.

Polestar was presenting their Precept car (originally made for the cancelled Geneva auto show 2020) finally touring around the world, paving the way to the next Polestar models to come.


We also had a chance for a thorough insights interview with Verge’s co-founder Henri Vähäkainu, who was telling us all about the new Verge electric superbike. With it’s patented motor technology of the integrated rim motor inside the rear wheel, and innovative design concept, Verge challenges conventional ways of thinking with the clear goal of creating the world’s best electric motorcycle from the ground up. Not a motorcycle that looks like yesterday, but a motorcycle that feels like the future. As Henri says, This is what the future of electric motorcycles looks like”. The specs are amazing, and cannot wait to be able to report from behind the bars, too.


And as it is the Internet/online era, Verge can naturally be ordered online from the company’s website, first delivered to The Nordics and Middle Europe.

Further information:

Specs: Verge TS Pro:

  • Torque 1000 Nm
  • Power 102kW
  • Top speed 200 km/h
  • Charging time 35 min
  • Range up to 350 km


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Here are also the videos by the E brands by themselves. Enjoy, what amazing wheels!



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