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Aalto University’s Impressive Presence, again, at Arctic15 Event

Aalto University’s Impressive Presence, again, at Arctic15 Event

Aalto Pavillion @ Arctic15 2023

Arctic15 2023 was again a great showcase of innovations.  Panu Kuosmanen, Aalto University’s Innovation Advisor, highlights the University’s Commitment to Entrepreneurship.

Aalto University has been a regular participant at the Arctic15 event since its inception in 2007. and we met with Panu to discuss the innovations at the University, emphasizing the university’s deep involvement in fostering entrepreneurship and its contribution to the startup ecosystem.

Aalto Startup Center Arctic15 2023
Aalto Startup Center Arctic15 2023

Several initiatives within the Aalto University ecosystem, such as Aalto AppCampus, Startup Sauna, and Design Factory, have played a vital role in launching startups. Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), Aalto Innovation Services (AIS), and Research to Business (R2B) have further facilitated the journey from research to business, providing essential support and resources.

Panu highlighted the significant role of student-led innovations in Arctic15 events, with platforms like Kiuas, AES, and SLUSH paving the way for young entrepreneurs. Aalto University has always been committed to promoting student-led startups by providing them with a platform to showcase their innovations. Iceye, a success story emerging from Aalto University, serves as a good example of this approach.

The mission of Aalto University is to create impact by transforming ideas into deep tech startups. Commercialization and the transfer of knowledge through intellectual property rights play a crucial role in this process, enabling the university to contribute to society.

Attending Arctic15 serves multiple purposes for Aalto University. It provides an opportunity to showcase the impact they have made, increases their visibility, attracts potential investors, helps teams find partners, and supports coworking among startups.

When it comes to selecting ideas and startups for Arctic15, Aalto University follows a comprehensive evaluation process. Interviews and sparring sessions are conducted to assess the technological aspect, business opportunities, intellectual property, and, of course, the team behind the startup. The university encourages business and arts students to set up teams for startups, emphasizing the ease of the process.

Aalto Pavillion @ Arctic15 2023
Aalto Pavillion @ Arctic15 2023

Reflecting on the 2022 and other previous Arctic15 events, Panu noted that it was better organized than previous editions as presence of numerous professionals and a focused business atmosphere characterized the event. Entrepreneurship is gaining recognition and support not only within Aalto University but also among governmental bodies, such as the Governmen and the Parlament. He also expressed his satisfaction with the maturing collaboration between Aalto University’s R2B and Startup Center, especially after the challenges caused by the pandemic. This collaboration has facilitated knowledge and deal flow, attracting incoming ideas and teams.

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At the event, Aalto University was represented by nine R2B teams and seven startups, amounting to a total of 23 teams presenting. More information about Aalto University’s initiatives and support for startups can be found on the websites of the Aalto University Innovation Services and all the 2023 Arctic15 Aalto Startup Center R2B cases and startups

And at around the Aalto Pavillion we also met a new entrepreneur Anne Risku from NorthDip, who was pitching us the idea of healthy cold plunges and told that “Ice baths have scientifically studied benefits for physical and mental health that directly respond to the challenges of Western life and that it is possible to achieve the benefits of an ice bath with regular exercise: at least 11 minutes and 3 times a week”. Huh, get ready for that cold treatment after the Arctic15,


In conclusion, Aalto University’s vibrant presence at Arctic15 showcased their dedication to entrepreneurship and the impressive strides they have made in nurturing startups. The positive vibes at the event and the increasing recognition of entrepreneurship in various spheres indicate a bright future for Aalto University and the Finnish startup ecosystem.

/Peter Green, Nordic Startuo News

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