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Greetings from Slush 2022 – Next the Nordics go to Singapore

Greetings from Slush 2022 – Next the Nordics go to Singapore

One of the many awesome meetings and encounters at Slush this year was with the Singapore delegation, and especially Rafael and Amelia from Singapore Management University, talking about their Global Business Plan Competition (link to the LKYGBPC website)

We at Nordic Startup News agreed to help sourcing information of at least one Nordic company per country – so let us know if you have any plans to join the global competition, and be among the 50 global companies getting travels and accommodatiuon to Singapore covered for September 11-15, 2023

There were also representatives of the Nordic Innovation House Singapore present at Slush, among with approx, 10 investment companies. We cannot wait for the Slush Singapore to return one day.

Meanwhile, have a look at this competition, apply by the end of March 2023 to be able to be there in September. And do get in touch with Nordic Innovation House, too. We encourage you to be in touch with us regarding joining to the competition, we are superhappy to mentor you, and do introductions to Amelia and Rafael – who were Active connectors at Slush.

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