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Reverse Pitching 3.0 in Helsinki

Reverse Pitching 3.0 in Helsinki

Do you have what it takes to boost the business of five major organisations? Then attend Reverse Pitching 3.0 in Helsinki, Finland at the 17th of April and show off your talent.

Special focus: Media

The focus of this edition of Reverse Pitching is Media and Aller, Alma Media, DNA and YLE as well as the energy company Helen are the organisations reaching out to the community in search of help and inspiration.

Each organisation has their own problem area for which they need the help of your startup:

Aller is launching an API for startups to create great services for Suomi24, the biggest online community in Finland.

Alma Media and DNA are looking for startup stars to help them with digital advertising, smart living room, ecommerce analytics and customer care and all kinds of solutions for news media.

YLE has a wide focus. They want startups to help them with web optimisation, analytics, API’s, personalisation, content discovery, content formats and big data, to name a few.

Finally, Helen will show how a media approach can help the energy business.

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Besides the ability to impress these major corporations, attending the event also gives you a chance to find partners and customers, learn from the big players or even sell your company.

The agenda for the program is simple: 12:00 – 16:00 is for the Reverse Pitching and from 16:00 onwards wine and networking in on the program.

About 200 people including c-level executives, top startup entrepreneurs and media representatives will attend the event so hurry up and reserve your spot here.

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