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Your Personal Protein Mix?

Your Personal Protein Mix?

The old saying goes: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But while there is no harm in indulging yourself with a juicy treat on a daily basis, the truth is that to stay fit, healthy and happy requires much more than that. It is a combination of a good workout and the right nutrition that often does the trick.

While the subject of sport and lifestyle nutrition is not new, Swedish startup called Proteinlabbet puts a unique twist on it: offering the ability to blend your own protein or energy mixes.

The company has created an interactive online lab that allows users to choose and mix their own blends. On top of that, customers can spice up their creations with unique names and customizable packages. Who is up for a bag of “Protein bomb” or “Make me run!”. Pretty much anything can work, you name it, literally.

Increasing demand for custom solutions in different spheres of life is what served as inspiration for Proteinlabbet.

“Customization is something new and a lot of people are getting more and more interested in it. And while the market is not that large just yet, it is going to be big in the future, as it really simplifies choosing for consumers.”

“In the context of sport nutrition this means that instead of choosing from a variety of pre-made products, that often contain ingredients you can’t pronounce, our customers make their unique blends, that serve their individual needs, be it building muscles, losing weight or maybe even healthy baking,” says Mattias Kroon, one of the company’s co-founders.

But apart from going after a promising opportunity, starting a protein company meant connecting with the world of sports. For Mattias, who has previously been a professional javelin thrower, Proteinlabbet became an outlet for continuing with his sports passion in a new format.

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“At the time when I was training I was rather young, so I followed basic recommendations for my nutrition. But having gone through professional nutrition education, I now realize that my food choices back then were not optimal. This background really helps in understanding why many athletes are not always choosing the best nutrition – they often have not accumulated enough knowledge yet. At Proteinlabbet we want to make it easier to understand nutrition, so that you eat the right stuff and the right amount – not more and not less,” says Mattias.

That’s why Proteinlabbet provides a great deal of information and advice about nutrition for both athletes as well as sports enthusiasts. This approach goes hand in hand with their custom blend solutions, because choosing the perfect mix requires a lot of learning.

As for the future, the team is rather ambitious. Their goal is to revolutionize the traditional view of sport nutrition and turn it into something understandable and available for anyone, be it an athlete or an enthusiast who simply wants to stay fit and healthy. This means expansion of the ingredient base, focusing more on ecological products and adding options of creating custom porridge, baking mixes and protein bars.

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