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Bookndo at Health Bootcamp 2015

Bookndo at Health Bootcamp 2015

Health Bootcamp is an idea accelerator program on the broad field of health and wellbeing organised by Helsinki Think Company and HealthSPA. participated in the program and lets you in on the highlights in a blogpost.

The Finnish startup has developed a website that makes it is easy to find, compare, book and pay for sports activities. The following is a blogpost written by founder and CEO at Bookndo Jenni Alasuutari giving you an impression of the program’s highlights. Find the original blogpost here.

– In February 2015 Team Bookndo applied for the Health Bootcamp; It was a happy day when we heard the news of having been selected to the program.

With enthusiasm we waited for the program to begin. There were many kinds of workshops in stall for us. Everything from Marketing and Pitch training to Microsoft telling us about the utilization of Big Data. As Bookndo were at a very hectic phase during this spring with the finalization of our product development at hand only a few of us found the time to participate at the workshops. We always tried however to have at least one team member at each workshop to bring back the learning.

The highlights of the Health Bootcamp were the actual bootcamp in Copenhagen, Denmark 9.-13.3.2015 as well as the Upgraded Life Festival at Biomedicum Helsinki on May 19th, 2015. We had wonderful networking opportunities both in Copenhagen and at the Upgraded Life Festival in Helsinki. Several health and wellness companies have their headquarters in Copenhagen. I had the opportunity to visit one of them and the company welcomed me as a visitor with kindness. We also had a chance to participate at Angelnext; an angel investor event at a co-working space called theRainmaking Loft Copenhagen. What an opportunity to get to know Danish angel investors!

Helsinki Think Company is planning to arrange bootcamp programs in the future as well. If you are an early stage startup entrepreneur or interested in becoming one you may wish to subscribe to the Helsinki Think Company newsletter on to make sure you will know when they are accepting applications again.

During the Health Bootcamp we got to know the people behind the Microsoft BizSpark program better, first at their Big Data workshop and later at the Upgraded Life Festival. This week we decided to migrate to the Microsoft Azure platform. As a member of BizSpark we get to use several Microsoft products free of charge and this is an important benefit for a bootstrapping startup like us. I was so happy as yesterday I received an email telling me that Bookndo was chosen amongst the BizSpark members to receive a free ticket to the Arctic15 conference that takes place in Helsinki next week (May 26th-27th red.)

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