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Click Flic for some smart device action

Click Flic for some smart device action

Flic is a wireless shortcut button that allows you to perform smart actions on your phone with a simple click.

Flic is a Swedish startup that is making life even more simple for smart phone users. With a simple click of a Flic button, users have access to a variety of different functions. These include controlling lights, playing music, taking pictures, sending distress signals, navigation, speed dialing, sharing locations, and much more.

Flic uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect with smart devices, and can work up to 45 meters from its paired smart device. Flic can reportedly last  up to 60,000 clicks, or approximately 5 years. Become introduced to the possibilities here:

The possibilities
Taking group photos can often be difficult with a mobile phone. Flic can integrate with a smart devices camera and thus there is no need for someone to be physically holding the device when taking a photo.

Often people misplace their phone around the house. With Flic, users can make one’s phone sound an alarm, and thus make it easier for users to find their phones.

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Flic can be integrated with one’s smart phone to  control one’s home lighting  system.   With Flic, different clicks can represent different lighting settings.


Flic has soft silicone feel, which is resistant to weather and dust. It also comes in a variety of bright colors, for the benefit of users.

Flic is currently taking pre-orders for its device and is available on iOS and Android.

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