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Contakti sorts customer inquiries before they get lost in the digital paper pile

Contakti sorts customer inquiries before they get lost in the digital paper pile

Contakti are going into battle with unanswered communications.  The Finnish startup has created a platformed aimed at handling all customer contacts – phone calls – live chats, texts, and emails – to make sure they don’t get lost in the digital paper pile.

Today we have more ways than ever to communicate with each other, so it seems antithetical that we all have dealt with communications that end in no response.  But when a business is in the business of getting business, something as simple as an un-returned email can be a dealbreaker.

Often there is no specific reason that a communication has lead to a non-reply – the communication simply got lost in the pile.

Contakti COO Janne Ruokonen gives a simple example to explain the mission of his company:

“If I want to get my tires changed, I have a number of companies I can contact, but the one who answers most promptly is the one that gets the business. In any industry, there are companies that sell similar products and services so the main differentiator between these companies is customer service. ”

In other words, how customer service is handled is paramount to a companies success. “Our company even has a good example in that we contacted another company once with a query that would potentially lead to good business for them, but after having waited two weeks for a reply, we took our business elsewhere. Simply having some kind of response along the lines of  ‘Thanks for contacting us, we’ll get back to you’ would have made the difference,” says Janne.

All customer communications in a single portal

Contakti has developed an all in one product that companies can easily integrate into their existing work structure. Basically, it collates all of the different communication forms into one portal, be it social media, email accounts, chat, web-forms, or support tickets, and routes all of these into the appropriate groups via a dashboard which can be viewed on any device – all in real time.

Presumably, communications have a much higher response rate when the entire office can see what has or hasn’t been seen to, and by whom.

As well as the live dashboard, Contakti comes armed with a facility for making regular reports that can show the whats,whens, and hows of customer inquiries. Founder and Managing Director Esa Lahtinen points out:

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“With the reports, you can immediately see all the differences in the business like if you make some change to your marketing, business or sales models and so forth. Without this kind of reporting you would only see these changes after a few months, when you get all the results from field”.

Contakti also makes quick work of allocating inquiries to the appropriate person or department to deal with it via automated keyword detection. This can be through live chat,email, web forms, texts, and so on. “We make sure that every contact is noticed and customer service is better handled and promptly. It saves money and therefore makes money because every contact is important. There are euros there,” says Esa.

Contakti are a proudly Finnish company but they aren’t planning to stick to the Nordic region.  Customer care regulation is a service that companies across the world need to deal with every day.   Contakti plnas to develop their service further and release it onto the global market via licensing.  In the very near future, the company plans to integrate call routing, CRM, and full contact center assistance.

Read more about Contakti here and follow them on Twitter.

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  • Yea, this company has multiple cases going on in court because owner thinks world is working like it works on Donald Duck. their services doesn’t work and it is actually ruining their customers businesses. So yea! Avoid this service and these persons.

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