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EventEye – Envisioning the future of Events

EventEye – Envisioning the future of Events

Take your event to the next level. That is what EventEye offers their customers.

Working as a freelance app developer Fredrik Hoel, CEO and co-founder of EventEye discovered that he kept doing the same thing over and over again. He started to question why he had to ‘reinvent the wheel’ every time he made an app for an event. He came up with the idea to make a base app, which he can keep on improving, making better each time. Together with Ane Jembile Monssen, who he met through a common friend in Madrid, he developed EventEye.

“My dream is to see EventEye grow and become “the” event app for innovation and user experience”, says Fredrik Hoel, CEO and co-founder, EventEye.

A green communication tool

EventEye is an app solution that is designed for large business and networking events. It is a communications tool, which can be used by organizers and participants. The app allows organizers to communicate with participants before, during, and after the event. It is a green way to keep communication going, without printing 60,000 sheets of paper.

There are plenty of event apps on the market, each with it’s own specialty. EventEye focuses on user experience, and they emphasize that anyone can use the app, across all demographics. EventEye aims to develop an app that is so simple to use that even those who aren’t all that tech-savvy will be able to gain value from it.

“Helping to present new event technology with the user’s experience in focus is what we do and that is what makes us “standout in the crowd. No matter your age or how tech-savvy you are, our apps should be usefull for the event you are attending,” says Fredrik Hoel.

An app with possibilities

EventEye has their first version on the market. It is a basic version, but entail all the basic element that belongs to (is needed in) an event app. The app is a great benefit to the organizers of the event, because they are able to gain a more accurate, data-driven feedback to get a clearer picture of what’s actually going on at the event. At the same time it allows the participants to give feedback and interact with other attendees, making it a great communication tool participant-to-participant.

Resources are a must in order to scale out. 

One of the biggest challenges EventEye is facing right now is the market condition. The market is growing very fast, and they are experiencing a lot of traction. Thus, their resources are under a lot of pressure. They have to deal with this before they take on more customers. Although many in the startup world might see this as a “luxury problem”, the team is under pressure to ensure quality, and further development will entail more resources.

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They want to scale out of Norway and reach a global market. Recently they ran an event in Copenhagen, and last weekend they ran an event in Sweden. As Fredrik puts it, they wanted to test the “safe” Nordic countries first, and then scale out to Europe as soon as they can.

A track record at the biggest startup event in Norway

Frederik participated in Oslo Innovation Week for the third time this past month.

“As the event app provider for both Cutting Edge and Norwegian Investment Forum, we got to experience even more of the great value OIW brings to the region and to the Norwegian Startup Scene. It is without doubt an event that puts focus on the innovation and pioneering that takes place in the Oslo region as well as a meeting place for people who wants to make a difference,” Fredrik Hoel concludes.
With a successful showing at the event, the app is generating buzz outside Norway’s borders.


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