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Introducing FOCUS on Trendsonline Boost

Introducing FOCUS on Trendsonline Boost

This is an introductory piece introducing a new article series FOCUS that will be published on in our latest feature category Boost.

In the category Boost you will find news on the evolving Danish startup community and the often untold stories of Danish startup success – all in English for the world to see.

Since its inception Trendsonline has been covering the Danish startup community, and supporting the startup ecosystem in order to help the Danish startups make it off the runway.

Of course, there are a lot that have fallen short and ended up crashing, but there are plenty that have really taken off.

Some of them have even become so successful that they have flown from the nest.

With the new weekly article series FOCUS, we want to highlight the Danish startups that have gone on to achieve success outside of Denmark, and are recognised internationally as the dominant players in their respective markets.







We are proud of these startups and we want the world to know that they came from these shores, and that Denmark truly is a hotbed of entrepreneurial and startup talent.

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing FOCUS articles on major Danish successes such as Podio, Endomondo, Tradeshift, Zendesk, Unity, Just-Eat, Vivino and many more.

We are just one voice, but each of you have one too.

You can help us tell the world loud and proud just how much Denmark as a nation has provided to the tech world by sharing our upcoming articles, it’s time for the world to FOCUS on Denmark.

If you are interested in telling the stories of the Danish startup community, contact us at, and get on board with the Trendsonline team – working on a mission of revealing that digital entrepreneurship in Denmark is already well on its way of becoming a serious industry.

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