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IoT – The Conference is back in Lund!

IoT – The Conference is back in Lund!

The fastest growing Internet of Things conference in Sweden is back after great pressure on the organizers. During October 14-15 the Internet of Things conference in Lund is back for the second time this year. After the first conference in April , the pressure on the organizers was so large that they took decision to run a new conference in the autumn of 2015. 

Internet of Things has been a hot topic on many people’s lips in recent years, but we are now facing a major crossroads. What is the next step? How do we proceed from hooking up things to the Internet and make them “smart” to find business models to create growth? Business models have to be adapted and transformed to fully exploit the technology. It is also one of the novelties of this autumn’s conference: a full-day workshop with focus the business models and the IoT. Internet of Things, or the connected world who also calls it, does not concern just the traditional telecom industry anymore, but almost all types of industry segments must take part of the new technology to be competitive.

“The conference was a unique combination of business and tech backgrounds for IoT. This made the conference really interesting for everyone, especially for people: Like us That Operate on this verge,” says Stefan Witkamp, ​​Co-Founder and Commercial Director at Athom.

The speakers

In the autumn edition of the Conference there is a clear interest from Silicon Valley. Two of the speakers come with heavy experience from some of the biggest IT companies in the world.

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Participants may listen to Matthew Papakipos, who has extensive experience from world-leading IT companies such as Google and Facebook, where he has been building Facebook from 300 employees to the size they are today. At this occasion, he will talk about what happens when robots move into our homes. Swedish Hannes Sjöblad open the conference by talking about how people today choose to insert a microchip in the body to facilitate payments and identification and in the future to perform medical diagnostics. An area that is expected to explode in a few years and that have the potential to give us a whole new perspective on our bodies. Other areas that are presented at conferences are: Wearables, software, security, user experience, hardware, and e-health.

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