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Live events are making their comeback: Arctic15 in Helsinki, Finland

Live events are making their comeback: Arctic15 in Helsinki, Finland

The Arctic15 Helsinki takes place on June, 7-8, 2022. Before the unforeseen pandemic hiatus, the event attracted over 1500+ Startups, VCs, CVCs, Angels, and Investors to get together.

For this year, the arranging committee has some realistic numbers drafted:

“We aim for 300+ investors, 450+ startups, 150+ corporates, a maximum of 2000 attendees and again – the name of the game will be “Deal Room”. This is a unique matchmaking solution that makes it easy & efficient for you to meet as many relevant investors or potential clients as you can”, says one of the founders, Mr. Jan Ameri, Executive Chairman, Arctic Startup.

The name comes from the fact that originally it started out as a pitching competition that was gathering the TOP 15 startups from the Nordic and Baltic region. The competition is still up and running but it has changed its form into Funding Program. It focuses on connecting angel investors to successful startups from the region to negotiate cross-border syndicate investments.

Interesting names among the attendees

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This year, one of the most interesting names attending the event is Simone Ross who is TED’s Tech Curator. A content strategist with a background in high-level content curation, Simone has been an active observer of the companies, individuals, and ideas at the intersection of technology, the economy and society for over 20 years. She focuses to connect the people and ideas at the intersection of technology and progress, and explore the approaches how we work, live and play. Talking with people like Simone might be a short-cut to some larger venues!

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