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Planday challenge completed – SUCCESS!

Planday challenge completed – SUCCESS!

Welcome to the fourth chapter in the story of  Planday’s establishment in the United States – a true expansion adventure, controlled with a heavy hand by Danish-owned Lemonsqueeze, whose specialty is helping European companies gain a foothold and scale their business in the US market.

The challenge is finally coming to the end. 30 days are over, and with an average of 70 hours worked per week, a tremendous amount of experience was gained. The result of the hard work has been a successful entry and a strong foundation in the USA! Two employees were onboarded, hundreds of potential customers were contacted, and 12 new Planday customers were won. It’s no surprise that there are big smiles at the office.

“Planday has gradually opened a number of new markets up, but we have never experienced the drive, commitment, and results that we have experienced in the US for the first 30 days. It is an understatement to say we are impressed with our two new employees atLemonsqueeze. The truth is that we could not have dreamed of a better start. We continue with our motivation in high gear and “the American dream” completely under our skin,” exclaims a very satisfied CEO, Christian Brøndum

Lemonsqueeze kontor - Tillid i sig selv(fy)

Even with experience scaling numerous companies in the USA, there is always more to learn. Entry and scaling plans can be carefully thought out and executed, but there are always unforeseen things that come up.

“No one has said that it is easy to win a market that is as large as the US, but you do not make it harder than it is. One of Lemonsqueeze’s main strengths is that the setup is always super agile and and the learning that is done is continually optimized as we enter the US market. Even when we eventually help 1000 companies to scale, there will be still be things that do not match our original plans that we need to accommodate. Right now, we  are celebrating our victory,”says the Danish CEO of Lemonsqueeze, Mik Strøyberg.

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Next steps
Going forward, Planday will take their entry in 6-month blocks, with Lemonsqueeze behind the wheel. Work is disciplined, but still there remains the entrepreneurial spirit which secured the first customers and laid the important groundwork for the Planday Inc.

Byen som alle vil have fodfæste i!

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