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Smart shopping lists for the smartphone enthusiast

Smart shopping lists for the smartphone enthusiast

Cromian is a Danish company aiming to revamp the shopping experience through two apps: Chaser and mealChaser.

“Supermarkets are scared… because they know technology which allows customers to compare products, prices and convenience is coming.”

The Chaser app, which has been out on iOS since February 2014, is a comprehensive shopping list application. The app mimics the grocery sections of supermarkets and allows users to browse through a selection of different products. Currently Chaser includes products and prices from chains such as Netto, Fakta and Rema1000.

“The Chaser app allows users to browse through different products, compare prices, and search for specific items, says cofounder Kristoffer Nielsen. Other features include the ability to share, store and label their shopping lists.”

Furthermore the application has a built-in intelligence system that remembers users’ shopping preferences over time.

“For example over time Chaser will remember you might like a certain brand of milk and automatically records your favourite items,” co-founder and front-end developer Anders Friis tells me.

Another iconic feature of the Chaser app is its animated appearance.

“We want Chaser to have a “game-like” feel in order to make the shopping experience less dull and for users to enjoy our app.”

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Unlike competitors the Chaser aims to be a “comprehensive shopping list” app for their self-coined term “grocery-geek” customers. The search engine allows for specific brands to be targeted, and shows the most expensive as well as cheapest options.

Currently the Chaser app is available only on iOS. However on October 2nd the Cromian team are launching three new products; the Chaser app for Android and mealChaser for both iOS and Androids.

mealChaser allows users to choose recipes from a number of highly trafficked recipe websites and then adds the ingredients to your shopping list. Users can tick off ingredients they already have and specify how many people they need to cook for. In the Danish region mealChaser will sum the total cost of ingredients and give price comparisons like the original Chaser app.

The Cromian team are launching their new products at the IT University of Copenhagen at 17:00 on the 2nd of Octover. It is an open event and any individuals interested in learning more about Chaser and mealChaser are welcome to come along.

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