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Mosiac Ventures ready to invest $140 m. in early stage startups in Europe

Mosiac Ventures ready to invest $140 m. in early stage startups in Europe

The London based venture capital firm Mosaic Ventures announced it is ready to invest a $140 million fund on Series A, early stage companies in the Nordic Region and the rest of Europe.

The partners behind Mosaic Ventures are Simon Levene, Mike Chalfen and Toby Coppel. The trio has experience investing at both sides of the Atlantic, working for prestigious firms including Accel Partners, Advent Ventures Partners, Allen & Company, Apax Partners, Index Ventures, and Virgin.

“The startup ecosystem in Europe is more exciting and vibrant than ever. We believe that, with a few exceptions, founders are broadly under-served by experienced venture capitalists focused on Series A”, the founders say on the company’s blog.

Funding is an issue that Nordic startups arise constantly in events like #CPHFTW or Sthlmtechfest

As part of their previous experience in investing in early stage companies, the founders of Mosaic Ventures highlight the Swedish game startup King, Alibaba, Etsy, Pinterest, TransferWise, among many others.

The first company that Mosaic Ventures has invested in is the German company Number Four dedicated to apps oriented to small businesses around the world.

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According to the company’s blog, Mosaic Ventures is now focused on, but not limited to, several areas that include “marketplaces, next generation finance and payments, bitcoin and the blockchain, SaaS for SMEs, analytics, education and health”.

“We invest in fewer than 10 new companies per year, so are thrilled when great entrepreneurs choose Mosaic as their partner”, the company adds.

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