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TechBBQ will be served again in CPH

TechBBQ will be served again in CPH

Denmark’s largest startup conference kicks off on May 20th, when TechBBQ opens its doors for the third time. The event offers a full day of focused learning, valuable networking and delicious food.

The organizing team is preparing for another amazing conference where we celebrate success and learn from stories delivered by Denmark’s elite startup founders.

This year, TechBBQ is gearing up to be bigger and tastier than ever.

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Experienced speakers provide valuable insights

david_helgason_unityLike before, TechBBQ is not only a day to celebrate the Danish startup community, but to engage in its development. The event will serve up plenty of experienced speakers for us all to learn from. The day is hosted by the happiest man alive, Lasse Chor, and he will spend all day summoning Denmark’s leading innovators to the stage.

One of the day’s speakers is responsible for transforming one of the world’s largest industries. David Helgason is the co-founding CEO of Unity Technologies, which develops technology for game developers across the world. Their low cost and ease of use provides a low barrier to entry in the videogame industry, which has empowered independent and established studios alike to develop across platforms for a global audience. With his mind bared at TechBBQ, we expect the participants to go home significantly smarter than when they came.

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kenneth_svenningsen_shipbeatSpeaking of lowering barriers to entry, Shipbeat is also due to make an appearance at TechBBQ, where founding CEO Kenneth Svenningsen will tell us all about his journey, which has only just begun. Shipbeat recently received a large investment to help them grow their logistics-as-a-service startup.

TechBBQ features speakers from a broad range of industries, and who represent multiple distinct points on the path from humble beginnings to booming success (or spectacular failure). To top off the day, you will be treated to the finest roast pig Copenhagen has to offer. The food will be enjoyed in a sunny environment, ensured by the weather forecasters who have been bribed by the organizers.

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