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5 books every entrepreneur should read

5 books every entrepreneur should read

Do you want to learn from other entrepreneuers’ mistake? We have collected 5 books that every entrepreneur should read to improve their chances of building their billion dollar company.

1. Peter Thiel: Zero to One
The co-founder of PayPal and angel investor in Facebook, Peter Thiel, has written a book about how to build the future. In the book Peter Thiel explains what it takes to build a billion dollar company and why every entrepreneur should aspirate after building company that creates a monopolistic market.

2. Eric Ries: The Lean Startup
This book is the mother of the lean startup method and concept. The method describes how a startup should move forward by always test their assumptions by talking with potential clients, customers and users. Instead of talking about new products or features make a landing page and find out if there is a potential market.

3. Jesper Buch: Fra Kælder til Milliard
Jesper Buch is the man behind, one of the greatest success stories on the Danish startup scene, Just-eat. In the book he describes how he built Just Eat from being a typical garage startup to be a billion dollar company. Today Jesper Buch is angel investor in several Danish startups like Miinto and Autobutler.

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4. Carlye Adler and Mikkel Svane: Startupland
Startupland is a new book that tells the amazing story of how Mikkel Svane and his co-founders created the web based costumer service platform, Zendesk. The book describes the rollercoaster experience that the founding team had from creating Zendesk, moving to Silicon Valley and raising 100 million dollars in IPO.

5. David Kidder: The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the fastest-growing Startups from their founding entrepreneurs
This book shares insights from 41 different founders and as the title indicates this the ultimate playbook for entrepreneurs that want to learn from other founders’ experiences. The playbook covers everything from lessons to finding one’s niche. 

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