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Improve your productivity under the North African sun

Improve your productivity under the North African sun

Recently there has been a trend for unconventional style work experiences for entrepreneurs. Work camps and adventure trips have become popular alternatives for startups to unleash their creativity. By Dinuka Muhandiramge.

Startups are typically renown for their cool, funky work spaces. Ping pong tables, sauna-style meeting rooms, faux grass floors are just a few of the unorthodox design styles one may see in a startup work space.

The Blue House
Two french  entrepreneurs have taken finding the ‘perfect startup work environment’ a step further by founding the Blue House. The Blue House, which is located in the picturesque beach town of Taghazout, is a work space available for start-ups to rent. They also put a huge emphasis on relaxation and healthy living. They offer their guests wholesome homemade meals, surfing trips,  yoga and other activities to decompress after work. The Blue House also offers in-house support by providing advice and guidance, and inviting renowned entrepreneurs and experts to share their experience.

The Blue House challenges the perception of the entrepreneurial ‘work-work’ balance by offering start-ups an environment that is away from the usual stresses of life.

“We decided to open the Blue House because we believe entrepreneurs don’t have to work in crowded cities, looking at the rain from their sun-deprived offices; they can, and they should, work in places so magical they could be on the cover of travel magazines, even if only for a couple of weeks.” ( see here for full quote)

Workaway Camp

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At the moment Danish company Workaway is also leveraging off this idea of work camps and adventure trips. The company was conceptualized in 2012 by founder Nikolaj Astrup and since then has held camps ranging from Mt Kilimanjaro to Barcelona. The camps are one week events focusing on intensive work session and feedback sessions with like-minded people.

“These events has been amazing. I have been privileged to travel with almost 100 different and absolute awesome people. The participants have been between 17-55 years old and ranging from students to millionaires. I climbed Kilimanjaro with a guy who is a former world champion in unicycling. No wonder I love doing these events” – ( see here to see full quote by Nikolaj Astrup)

At the moment Workaway are organizing a work trip in Morcoco which shall begin this month. Follow the trip on Facebook.

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