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Danish Angel investor Jesper Buch invest in the sales tool Plecto

Danish Angel investor Jesper Buch invest in the sales tool Plecto

Jesper Buch has previously invested in Miinto, Auto Butler, Gomore, Plecto is next and with his track record they have a great chance for getting success. Its been a while since we last heard from Jesper Buch, exactly 11 months where Jesper Buch invested millions in Danish Fitbay together with the Swedish investment company Creandum. Fitbay has since grown significantly and Christian Wylonis, one of the entrepreneurs behind Fitbay was in late November in the Wall Street Journal where he told about the success

“Problems with focus and motivation in the sales business is in no way limited to Denmark and I believe we have the potential to grow very, very large” says Jesper Buch.

The new investment in Plecto is quite unique compared to Jesper Buch portfolio primarily consisting of startups that focus on the consumer. This time he will bet his millions on a startups dedicated solely to other companies, B2B. It will be interesting to see if Jesper Buch with his kick-ass attitude and unique knowledge of online scaling, can help find the right approach to market fit and strategy for expanding into other countries

“There is an obvious need to keeps sales people motivated and I think Plecto fills out an empty spot in the market” says Jesper Buch and continues “Furthemore, I think the founder is “KICK-ASS” – Two important elements for me to invest in a business”.

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Plecto already has clients in both Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Poland but hopes to expand to more countries before the end of December. We will follow Plecto closely and we are happy that the Just-Eat millions ones again are raining down on the Danish startup eco-system

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